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Who should apply for foreign entity or Certificate of authority to conduct business other than home state?

Why do I have to register a foreign entity to transact business in the other state?
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Posted On : Fri Aug 28th,2009

Why do I have to register a foreign entity to transact business in the other state?

Register a foreign entity to transact business other than home state

All business entities who want to conduct their business in the state other than the state they were formed, must obtain the certificate of authority from the concerned state department to do so. This process is commonly referred to as "foreign entity qualification" or "register foreign llc" or "register foreign corporation". By doing so, you will get rights to start your business in that particular state.

Typically, an entity needs not to register in another state if it will be conducting only a few isolated transactions in the state.




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Comments (3)
nina e livengood   wrote on : Sun Nov 01st,2009
please email a form b-09. i was not able to download this form.      View Detail   wrote on : Sat Dec 05th,2009
Foreign entity is also called transact business other than your state or country. For example, Your business is registered in New York and want to open an office in New Jersey. To transact business in NJ you need to register your New York entity in the State of New Jersey to conduct business in the state of New Jersey as a foreign entity. OR If you are located in Canada and want to extend your business to USA then you should form a foreign entity in USA. To form foreign entity some states in USA may ask you to provide Certificate of Good Standing of your existing business.      View Detail
tony chima   wrote on : Tue Apr 14th,2015
I was told to go to the website to register my contracting business in NJ so that I may obtain a license to do work in NJ but I could not find the link to register as a foreign entity. Is this the website I need to do it on? I just want to make sure I get the right registration as I have already filled out the wrong one yesterday.. thank you for your time. tony chima 2675493886      View Detail
Reply :

Register as a foreign entity in New Jersey

Tony Chima:

Thank you for choosing for your business needs. Please use the following link to register your foreign entity or call us for any question or reservation at 1+516.822.3100

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