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How can I choose filing status to file income tax return?

Source of information is IRS official site. How can I choose filing status to file income tax return?
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Posted On : Tue Oct 06th,2009

Source of information is IRS official site. How can I choose filing status to file income tax return?

Filing Status:


Filing Status is an important factor when computing taxable income under the Federal Income tax in the United States. Your federal tax filing status defines the type of tax return form an individual will use. Filing status is based on marital status and family situation.




If you are unmarried, divorced, or legally separated according to your state law on December 31st, you must file as a single person for that year because your marital status at year end applies for the entire tax year.


Married Filing Jointly:


Marital status is decided based on a person’s marital status at year end. if your first day of legal separation or divorce from your spouse is December 31st, you cannot file a joint return for any portion of that year. Certain married individuals, not legally separated or divorced, may nonetheless be considered single for purposes of filing tax returns if they are living apart. Married taxpayers may elect to file separate returns.


Married Filing Separately:


Although the joint return often produces a better result, in some cases, filing separately can be beneficial. To accommodate for such circumstances, married couples may opt to file separately for a taxable year. Married couples filing separately does not create an identical situation to the two parties filing as single.


Head of Household:


To qualify for the head of household filing status you must be unmarried and paid more than half the cost of a maintaining a home for yourself and another relative who lives with you for over half the year and can be claimed as your dependent. Filing as a head of household can have substantial financial benefits over filing as a single status taxpayer.


Qualifying Widow(er):


Certain taxpayers who maintain their homes as principal residences of qualifying dependents and whose spouses died during either of the last two preceding taxable years may be considered Surviving Spouses as long as they have not remarried.

Taxpayer’s Personal Information:


We require your personal information together with the SSN because it is necessary for us filing your return of income tax. The SSN is necessary for correctly identifying you. An incorrect or missing SSN can increase your tax liability or reduce your tax refund amount.




Dependent is person who relies on another as a primary source of income. For example, a minor child, under the age of majority, is a dependant of his or her parent and the existence of the dependant may enable the provider, such as a parent or guardian, to claim a deduction in income tax calculations.The details of dependents are necessary for us to advise you regarding if you can claim exemptions or qualifies you to take child tax credit or both.



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Comments (2)
David Zehn   wrote on : Tue May 04th,2010
I have searched everywhere and can't find a clear cut answer. I'm doing my sister's taxes for her. She's a full-time graduate student in California but her permanent residence is in Kentucky. She worked for the school and made under $1300. They actually gave her two W-2's. One for KY and one for CA. They withheld around $4 from KY and nothing in CA. Does she need to file a return for CA? What is her status?      View Detail
Reply :

Income Tax Return file based on residency. For instance; you live in the state of KY but worked in the state of CA. You will file federal, state of CA and KY returns. Resident return for KY and Non-Resident return for CA. If you physically lived in CA during the year then you have to pro-rate period of residency as a part year residents in the state of CA and KY. 

Radalf Antio   wrote on : Tue May 25th,2010
I have a client who has a New Jersey single member LLC. Do I have to file a NJ 1065 or is there some other form, if any, that must be filed? Thank you for your help.      View Detail
Reply :

If you are a sole-owner of your LLC then you do not need to file form 1065. It is a disregarded entity on federal level. You just have to file form 1040.

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