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What Is Name Amendment or Company name change?

company name change
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Category : > Amendment In The Existing Company Name
Posted On : Fri Aug 28th,2009

company name change

Name Amendment reflects changes to the legal name of a corporation, LLC or any other legal entity. Companies are authorized and bound to do business using their legal names filed with the registering State. If a legal entity will be changing its name, for that change approval must be taken from the state before applying that change into the business.

If you decide to change any information listed on the original formation document for a corporation, LLC, you need to file an Article of Amendment. When the name of a corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) changes, a name amendment may be required in states where your company conducts business.

If you are ready to change or amend your corporation, llc or any other legal entity name please click the order now button or for additional information read more. You can also use our 24/7 live chat service for free consultation or toll free +1 (866)754 4460


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Comments (8)
Ann   wrote on : Wed Feb 10th,2010
Hi, I have incorporated a company in Atlanta,GA in 2005. After that I have moved to Birmingham,AL. I have not operated that company since that time. Now I want to change the name of the company and do continue operate the new company. OR I can close the old company in Georgia and register a new company in Birmingham,AL. I would like to go with the option which costs me less money. So can you provide me details how much would it cost in each situation? Thanks, Usha.      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Usha: Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Best option for you to close down the old companies and incorporate your business again where you are physically located now. You did not mention in your email that how you have structured your business as a corporation or an llc. We are sending you both links. Please choose according to your structure for pricing.

Link For Corporation:

Link For LLC:

If you any further assistance please either call us at 516.822.3100 or email @
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Dave Blevins   wrote on : Fri Apr 30th,2010
I need to change my company name. What do I need to do?      View Detail
Reply :

Dear Dave Blevins : Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To change your business name please use the following link to apply.

If you need any assistance please either call us at 516.822.3100 or email at

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Pat   wrote on : Tue May 18th,2010
I have an S corporation in New York whose priginal focus was in the field of education. I am considering venturing into another field. Am I able to do business under my original corporate name. which is generic in name?      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Pat:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Yes, you can manage multiple businesses under your existing corporation. If you have passive activities then may face some limitations.
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