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Can A Non US Resident open a bank account without a social security number?

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Posted On : Mon May 06th,2019

Repro-America's Mission and Moto is to provide a facility to a Non US and US residents establish a successful business in the USA with compliance.

What is the Repro-America's mission and how does it help to a US Resident and Non Resident, and undertake business compliance in the United States?

Refreshing again, the Repro-America is one of the features of "" that establishes businesses in the USA in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico since 2003, that has served over a million jobs. It is one of the largest in its unique classified code.

The Repro-America plays a banking facilitator role as well, in addition to establishing a complete business set up in the United States for a US and Non US residents as a representative. It provides a facility of banking and merchant gateway regardless of a physical presence in the USA and social security number.

The Repro-America undertakes the process as it has described below.

  • The Repro America starts the process by registering a company in the USA as a corporation or an LLC. Further, get an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service to file taxes, obtain permits and operate a bank account in the USA. The employer identification number is not exclusively applied to hire an employee, rather it is issued to every unique and new corporation or a limited liability company.
  • Business licenses and permits will be applied to the state, city and county, if it is applicable to operate a business.
  • A separate merchant account will be assigned to each customer to receive payment from their customers.
  • Taxes will be withheld prior to transfer money in the customer's account, because it is the fiduciary duty of a taxpayer to pay taxes on the earned income in the USA.
  • Monthly profit and loss will be created based on the customer's information and estimate withholds taxes to deposit in the trust funds to pay to the agencies on or before the due date.
  • Money will be deposited in the local or overseas accounts as per the customer's instructions after paying off the required taxes to the agencies.
  • The Repro-America charges a fixed facilitator fee instead of holding a stake in the company's ownership. The facilitator fee will be charged based on the responsibility, that the Repro America will assume.
  • Repro-America  also helps to empower your business in the USA, and that will drive more orders and accelerate revenue.

Why should you do business in the America?

There are a number of reasons and benefits that the American Market attracts to a local and foreign investor, and few key characteristics are mentioned below.

  • The American society beliefs on spending, investing, testing and experiencing not products and services therefore, it has greater purchasing power compare to other parts of the world.
  • The American economy is generally considered a stable, healthy and wealthy economy, that has a capacity to absorb and create a demand.
  • To start a business in the USA, no middleman is required to do business in the USA other than facilitators. The facilitator, professional fee is a deductible expense in the USA.
  • A buyer gets a reasonable profit margin.

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