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How to open a company in the USA with Bank Account?

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Posted On : Mon May 06th,2019

This article is about opening a bank account and merchant gateway for a Non-US resident to conduct business in the USA.

Is A Non US Resident allowed to open a company bank account in the USA?

It is perceived that business owners, entrepreneurs and the professionals are eagerly interested to connect with the USA market to do business, but the banking is a major wall which demotivates and stops the foreign investor's motivations and interest to start their unique ventures in the USA society.

What are the options available for a foreign investor to avail the banking and merchant account facilities in the USA?

Option One for a Non US Resident: Establish a company in the USA along with the employer identification number, and visit to any bank with the proof of identification to open a bank account. But, still a Non US resident cannot avail the merchant account facilities without having a social security number.

Option Two for a Non US Resident: Open a company in the USA along with the Employer Identification Number and retain a local representative to avail the banking and merchant account facilities.

The Repro-America is one of the facility features of the, condemns and declines the idea of hard earning money and equity stake of the company share with a local partner who does not make any investment in the business and nor have any specialties of the industry to help business grow, rather than charging a facility fee.

The Repro-America Local Representation For A Non US Resident:

The Repro-America provides a facility to a Non US Resident for a local representative, which will cover the following facilities to a Non US Resident to conduct business in the USA, along with the banking and merchant gateway facilities, without having a local partner and share profit and equity stake.

The Repro-America provides following listed facilities to a Non US Resident:

  1. Opening a company in the USA
  2. Obtaining an employer identification number, licensing and permits.
  3. Filing business returns and withholding taxes.
  4. Banking and Merchant Account facilities.
  5. Local promotion and networking.

Why most foreign companies fail in the USA market?

Generally, following are the real facts which are observed in last 18 years that becomes a reason of a failure of a foreign investor.

  1. Do not choose the right entity type.
  2. The fiduciary duties are not fulfilled on time, which accumulate tax burden end of the year.
  3. The business licenses and permits don't renew on time.
  4. Do not have the physical presence and local representation who can timely take the situation.
  5. Do not do right advertising and marketing.

The Repro-America is the only North America's entity that can handle all Non US Residents issues to freely managing business in the USA.



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