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What is a Non Profit Corporation?

Main purpose to form a Non Profit corporation is helping people not making profit.
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Posted On : Fri Jan 22nd,2010

Main purpose to form a Non Profit corporation is helping people not making profit.

A non-profit organization is an organization that does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead uses them to help pursue its goals. Examples of nonprofit organizations include charities (i.e. charitable organizations), trade unions, and public arts organizations. Most governments and government agencies meet this definition, but in most countries they are considered a separate type of organization and not counted as nonprofit.

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Comments (5)
Joan M Loomis   wrote on : Sat Feb 13th,2010
Does a golf league that collects dues each year, but has several thousand dollars balance every year need to file as a non-profit organization. And is there a maximum balance that can be carried over, unused, without filing as a NPO?      View Detail
Reply :
Dear  Joan M Loomis:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Our job is limited to registration. Please contact either to your accountant or attorney for legal advice.
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Guthrie Wilson   wrote on : Thu Apr 15th,2010
Can I get information on how to file for non-profit (religious) status in Florida?      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Guthrie Wilson:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To apply for non-profit (religious ) entity please follow the following link.

If you need any assistance please either call us at 516.822.3100 or email at
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Filing Department!

Cindy   wrote on : Wed Feb 20th,2013
Our booster club wants to be non-profit. We do not get a large amount of money just donatiions but it there is excess money we give scholarships to deserving students. do we need to file as a non-profit?      View Detail
Reply :

How To Organize Nonprofit Organization For  A Booster Club?

Basic Features of a Booster Club:

  • A booster club is normally created to support small events for the schools such as sports. 
  • Regardless, collecting a small or large amount in a donation to serve the society , a nonprofit entity has to be registered in the state where you are physically located to serve the community;
  • Otherwise, a booster club will be treated as a profit entity and the donors cannot include their donations on the income tax returns for a tax deduction or credit.
  • It runs under the Internal Revenue Service Rules and Regulation.

Requirement to start a nonprofit for a Booster Club:

  1. Prepare a nonprofit charter to file with the secretary of state of your state which contains the intention of the organization.
  2. The purpose of the booster club must be "Served" not "Earned" to list it as a nonprofit entity. The serving entities form a nonprofit corporation, whereas the earning entities register a profit corporation.
  3. Include, all officers and directors' names in the charter.
  4. Mention principal place of business and the obligations of each director and officers in nonprofit organization for your booster club.
  5. A booster club is classified as a non religious organization.
  6. Get an EIN for your booster club which helps you to open a bank account and filing yearly non profit returns with the state and Internal Revenue Service.

Get Federal Exemption For A Booster Club:

501 (c) (3) application is filed with the Internal Revenue Service to classify a booster club as a nonprofit entity to collect contribution to run the organization.

Where to search to find out if the booster club is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a Non Profit organization before making a contribution?

It is searched on the Internal Revenue Service website.

Can A Nonprofit register as an LLC?

In most states, a nonprofit organization has separate rules and regulations and cannot be registered as an LLC or a regular domestic corporation.

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