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What are the requirements to obtain and maintain a Retail Cigarette or Tobacco License?

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Posted On : Sat Aug 29th,2009


Every retailer currently selling cigarettes or tobacco products must apply for and obtain a cigarette and tobacco license/cigar license. All new applications must be submitted with a one-time license fee (vary by state) for each retail location selling cigarettes or tobacco products. Each retail location selling cigarettes or tobacco products must have a separate license. In most states a license is valid for a twelve-month period, is not assignable or transferable, and must be renewed annually.

Please remember that you may not sell cigarette and/or tobacco products without a valid Cigarette and Tobacco License.

Carrying renewed retail cigarette and tobacco licenses and sales tax permit is mandatory to sell any tobacco items in the state of New York. Certificate of Authority and Retail cigarette license must be displayed at location prominently.


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Comments (16)
Edwin Arroyo   wrote on : Fri Dec 25th,2009
I am in the State Of Florida and I want to know what will it cost me in Total for A Cigarette Licence for my Business.      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Edwin Arroyo:First we thank you for choosing for your business needs. Total price of obtaining cigarette license in the state of Florida is $204.00 including state filing fees.

If you need live assistance please either use our live chat service or call at 516.822.3100.
Documents Filing

Reply :
Dear Edwin Arroyo :

Please use the following link to apply Cigarette License

Documents Filing

kashmon garrett   wrote on : Wed Jan 13th,2010
how much is it to obtain a license in dallas tx. and how much it the one- time      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Kashmon Garrett:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Cost of obtaining retail cigarette license in the state of Texas is between $37.00 to $180.00 depends in which month are you applying for. If you are applying it this month then the possibility is $37.00. Estimated state processing time is 2-weeks. To apply for the license please use the following link.

We have the maximum fees on our form. The difference will be refunded to you.
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tony   wrote on : Tue Jan 19th,2010
How much for a cigarette license in Ohio?      View Detail
Reply :

How much is the fee to obtain an Ohio Tobacco License?

The state of Ohio issues different type of licenses to sell tobacco products, such as wholesaler and retail tobacco licenses, and each license has different filing fee to secure first time and later renew.

There may be a surety bond requirement for a person who does not have a social security number.

  • The Ohio wholesale license fee to sell tobacco is $1,000.00, and it is required to renew every year. It applies along with the county vendor license. Form CIG-41is filed with the state of Ohio to apply for a Wholesale Cigarette Dealer's License.
  • The Ohio retail cigarette license fee is $125.00 and a form CIF-40 is filed along with the county vendor license.

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