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Sales Tax ID Number Maryland

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Posted On : Wed Aug 10th,2016

A complete guide to handle sales and use tax in Maryland

 What is Sales and Use Tax License in Maryland?


Definition of Sales Tax License Maryland

Business are registered in the state of Maryland are required to collect sales tax on  the sale of tangible personal property is generally taxable except as otherwise provided by law; the sale of a service is generally not taxable except for certain taxable services provided by law. A list of taxable items and services can be checked on the Comptroller of Maryland website.

Defination of Use Tax in Maryland

A use tax a usually collected on the out of state purchases bought without paying a sales tax or use, store consumed items in the state of Maryland.

What is a resale certificate in Maryland?

  • You provide to the supplier to resell merchandise without paying a sales and use tax license.
  • You must register for a sales and use tax license online with the state of Maryland to have a valid sale and use tax license.
  • There is no specific form for a resale certificate, but you can design one for yourself.


Get Sales and Use Tax License Electronically

An application to apply for a sales and use tax file online and state of Maryland usually takes 3-5 working days to issue you a sales and use tax license number.


What is my taxable price?

Sales tax should be charged on the gross sales including:

  • liabilities assumed by the buyer
  • the value of services performed for the vendor and, except for federal food stamps
  • the face value of any coupon for which the vendor can get reimbursement from another source
  • The shipping price is not part of the tax calculation but handling charges are subject to sales tax and should be included in the gross sales price.


Can you Include Sales and Use Tax in the Gross Sales instead of charging separately to a customer?

Yes, you can absorb sales and use tax in the gross sales, but you have to pay back to the Comptroller of Maryland of the period you have collected from your customers.

Does an Out of State Vendor is required to register sales and use tax license in Maryland?

Yes, an out of state vendor is required to file for a sales tax license number in the state of Maryland, if the vendor has sufficient presence in Maryland to sell taxable items or collect taxes to Maryland customers.

What should you do, if you are closing out business or busing an existing business?

  • You will surrender the original sales and use tax certificate to the Maryland State.
  • A final sales tax return should be filed along with the taxes, if you owed.
  • A sales and use tax license in the state of Maryland is not transferable, and new owner must apply a new sales tax number for a new owner.


 How to apply for a Sales and Use Tax License in Maryland?

You can fill out "Maryland Combined Registration Application" electronically to get sales and use tax license Maryland.

Maryland Sales and Use Tax Filings Due Dates

  • January taxes are due on February 20
  • February taxes are due on March 20

  • March taxes are due on April 20

  • April taxes are due on May 20

  • May taxes are due on June 20

  • June taxes are due on July 20

  • July taxes are due on August 20

  • August taxes are due on September 20

  • September taxes are due on October 20

  • October taxes are due on November 20

  • November taxes are due on December 20

  • December taxes are due on January 20

    If a due dates falls on a Saturday or Sunday or holiday, the report is due on the next business day.


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