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Reason to display sales tax permit at business place

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Posted On : Sat Aug 29th,2009

Characteristics and Consequences to display Sales Tax Permit at the business place consciously. This article will also encompass the standards sales tax compliance.


What are the consequences and compliance of consciously posting sales tax certificate at business location?

Department of revenue imposes penalty if sales tax certificate does not post at business premises. It is displayed at cart, truck, wagon, stand and vehicle if there is no fix place to start business. It is one of the compliance which is fulfilled for the department of revenue.

A separate sales tax certificate is hanged on each location. Generally, sales tax certificate contains business address, business name, validity of sales tax certificate and the sales and use tax number.

A heavy penalty imposes if sold taxable goods without a sales tax permit. Such as in the state of New York up to $10,000.00 penalty impose.

A duplicate sales tax permit or sales tax authority is obtained by the division of taxation or department of revenue of the state where the business is operated, if the it was lost or misplaced. Most states do not charge any fee to issue a duplicate copy of sales and use tax license.

What happens of the existing sales tax permit if the ownership change?

A sales tax certificate does not transfer to a new owner if the business was sold or transferred to a new owner including to a family member and a new sales tax registration application is filed

What happens with the defaulter of sales tax?

A defaulter of sales tax is personally liable to pay the prior due sales taxes and in the general, division of taxation does not forgive due sales taxes.


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