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Register Sales Tax Permit in Wyoming

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Posted On : Sun Aug 21st,2016

How to Apply For Wyoming Sales and Use Tax Registration?

Definition of Sales and Use tax of Wyoming

Sales tax is an excise tax or tax on consumption which is applied to retail sales, leases of
tangible personal property, admission fees and some services which are subject to taxation per Wyoming law.
Purchaser pays for sales and use tax to the seller to withhold for the Wyoming department of revenue. The vendor must have a valid Wyoming sale and use tax license. Wyoming sales tax numbers can be applied online by the Wyoming department of revenue.

Who must File for a Sales Tax Number in Wyoming?

  • Any vendor is engaged selling at retail or wholesale tangible personal property, admissions or services which are subject to taxation under this article.
  • All sales of tangible personal property, taxable services and some admissions are subject to sales tax, unless an exemption exists. An exemption is a legislative act of grace from the normal taxability of the transaction.


 What is Use Tax in Wyoming?

While sales tax is a tax imposed on the retail sales of goods and services which are subject to taxation within Wyoming, use tax is a complementary to our sales tax and imposes tax on purchases of tangible personal property made in another state and brought into Wyoming for storage, use, or consumption where no sales tax had been paid at the time of the purchase or where sales tax had been underpaid (paid a lower tax rate than was in effect in the county where the goods were stored, used, or consumed) at the time of the purchase. Use tax is equivalent to the sales tax rate in the county in which the tangible personal property is delivered or received by the end consumer. The purchaser usually pays use tax directly to the Wyoming Department of Revenue instead to the seller.

Who is a Vendor?

The vendor is a person engaged in a business of selling at retail or wholesale tangible Personal property, admissions, or services, which are subject to taxation. You must obtained a sales tax license in order to bcecome a vendor.

How to Register Sales/Use Tax License in Wyoming? 


  • The sales tax number, registration must be filed with the Wyoming Department of Revenue, Excise Tax Division.
  • Date of first Sale / Service in Wyoming
  • DBA/Doing Business As Name, Corporations must provide evidence of registration with your home state or Wyoming Secretary of State’s office.
  • Mailing Address, Location Address, Internet E-Mail Address, Business Telephone Number and Authorized Contact.
  • What Type of Sales does this business make? Retail, Whole Sale, Service or Manufacturer.
  • Describe specifically the type of products and/or services this business provides, (ex: auto parts, computers and/or auto repair, computer repair) give the percentage of each: total must equal 100%.
  • Original Signature(s) are required for all ownership types. The business owner must sign for the individual ownership, all partners must sign for partnerships, one major officer for a Corporation, one member or manager a Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership. Attach an additional signature page if needed. Signatures must be original.
  • The state may reject your application, if you owe sales tax to any of your prior business.
  • You can request to the state for a duplicate copy, if you have lost your sales tax certificate.
  • You will surrender the sales tax certificate and notify the state if planning to close the business.
  • Purpose to Register Sales Tax Permit in Wyoming.

How long does the Wyoming Department of Revenue take to process the Sales Tax Application?

Wyoming department of revenue usually takes 7-10 working days to issue you a sales tax certificate.

Tips to handle sales and use tax

A sales/use tax license is an agreement between your business and the State of Wyoming. As part of that agreement, you must send in completed sales/use tax returns at the proscribed times. Even if you have no sales or taxes to report, you must still remit the completed return in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in late filing penalties, interest, and in extreme cases, a lien filed against your business. If you have difficulties filing your return before the due date, contact us immediately aphone call or email can help us keep your accountin good standing.

Sales Tax Filing Frequency for the State of Wyoming

Sales tax is due at the end of the month following the end of your filing period. You are still required to file sales and use tax return, even if you have no sales. You can check the sales tax rates posted on the Wyoming Department of Revenue website to charge to your customers.

Annual filing
$0.00 — $50.00 in collected tax per month.

Quarterly filing
$50.00 - $150.00 in collected tax per month.

Monthly filing
More than $150.00 in collected tax per month.

Your filing frequency may be change by the Department if your taxable sales increase or decrease significantly.



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