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What do you mean by change corporation name or change LLC name?

Change Company Name
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margaret   wrote on : Tue Jan 19th,2010   Back to Article

I closed a business in one state, moved to another state and the only thing I knew to do was to get the incorporation approved in the new state. However, I would like to end this corp.and start a new corp. Will the old businesses still be link to the new incorporation? Or what happens if I just change the name of the corp.? thank you, Margaret

Reply :
Dear Margaret:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. If you dissolve corporation and form a new corporation then It is not going to have any link with your old corporation. May I know the reason why do you want to dissolve your corporation again and planning to amend change business name to give you right advise.

Let me send you a link to form a new corporation or business name change.

Corporation Formation Link:

Business Name Change Link:
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