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What is the purpose of maintaining accounting for my business?

The purpose of the accounting system is to communicate and produce useful information that must Be accurate and easy to use and fulfill management's requirements.
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Nathan Prickett   wrote on : Sun May 27th,2012   Back to Article

I'm trying to establish a business that deals with various construction, for example I want to paint, hang sheetrock, tape and float, install carpet, tile, cabinets, prep and finish raw wood, like doors trim baseboard, And would like to eventually do mobile auto care, and landscaping like tree trimming-removal, lawn maintenance, laying sod, gardening, etc., as the tools get built up for the various jobs and after I establish responsible foremen. So what would I have to do to establish such a business? what all licences and or classes would I have to take. I am O.S.H.A certified in General Industry Standard. Have O.J.Ts in Brick/Stone Masonry through N.C.C.E.R, and Auto-Specialization in H.V.A.C. I want to put them to the test. Do felonies hinder me from having a business?

Reply :
Dear  Nathan Prickett:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. LLC (Limited Liability Company) is an appropriate business structure to handle multiple business under one entity. You also may need to do the following registrations, depends on the state you are located or registering business.

  1. Employer Identification Number
  2. Sales Tax Registration
  3. Business Licenses

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