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Start eCommerce Business in USA

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Posted On : Fri Sep 16th,2016

How to Start an E-Commerce Business in The USA?

An Ultimate Guide To Start an eCommerce Business in the USA For US Residents and Non Resident!


What is Ecommerce?

E-commerce involves the sharing of commercial and business transaction information using the internet. Electronic commerce covers various types of business like consumer based retail sites, services between corporations, exchange of trading goods, and multiple music sites. It would not be wrong if we say it has become the most powerful business medium on an internet. It can also be defined as it allows people to electronically exchange services and goods without any limitation of time or distance. E-commerce is expanding rapidly since last many years as it allows the freedom of trade without time and border barriers. So shortly, popular shopping trends will change into e-commerce as more business operations will be carried through the internet.


B2B Ecommerce

Business to business maintains communication to business rather a consumer. B2B business deals with thousands of other businesses. B2B e-commerce is faster, cheaper and reliable as compared to traditional methods.



B2C E-commerce


Business-t0-consumer is a type of e-commerce in which services and products are sold to consumers. Commonly, it is referred to individuals shopping at the malls, diners at the restaurants, or pay-per-view programs at home. In simple words, B2C term includes, “selling products online to the consumer using the internet.”



C2C E-commerce

Consumer-to-consumer is a type of business model that makes the transaction of services and products easy among customers. Many examples can be included in this category like an auction, and classifieds, where there is no business, involve but customers are maintaining communication. EBay and Amazon is a common example of C2C commerce.



EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Electronic Data Interchange requires a data link between customer and supplier as e-commerce offers cost-effective strategies to ad-hoc setup links. It has provided a vast space to potential suppliers and customers to conduct beneficial trade.
It is crucial to understand the basics of setting up e-commerce business in USA guidelines and proper research to make the business successful. Keep in mind that e-commerce is not going to make you rich in nights but demands research, hard work and business guidance to make every investment secure. There are specific keys to make your business successful same with the e-commerce. Ignoring the key facts can waste your time and results may be a disappointment.


Let’s evaluate following core elements to be prominent in e-commerce Business:


  • Bring a product that is e-commerce supportive

Simply, what is good in the business to make you visible in the competitors. Check the difference and introduce something new as there is a space for new ideas and slight distinction. Remember! Unique items with unique marketing and business strategies are considered the backbone of this industry.

  • Understand the growth potential of your segment, crowd, and competitors



In a single world, it can be explained as “Feasibility report of your e-commerce path”. Are you aware of the market competition, trend, and the mass inclination?


Start an E-commerce Business in the USA

Establishing an online presence in USA internet purchasing can boost the business without any extra effort. Your presence allows you to be un the competition and maintains your audience but where is your soul identity?


Get Registered Your Business

A business structure involves many options:


  • Corporation

  • LLC
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Partnership


Most companies register with Secretary of states, Division of Corporations or the County Clerk's office.


Business Checking Account

Business checking account enables you to separate your personal assets from your business assets. You can have the discount with many other benefits if you have a good relationship with the bank.

Get a Trademark to Secure your Ecommerce Business

You have invested well by following the above-mentioned points but what needs at the end to protect your e-commerce business in the USA from copying or stealing your business products, logo, and services. Trademarking can be a wise idea to avoid such issues.

Get sales and use tax permit

Even though your business can be entirely on-line, at some points you may need to charge and collect sales tax, if only within the state in which your business is registered. To seek out what’s required in your state, and apply, go to your state’s Department of Revenue Services website.


eCommerce Business For Non US Residents

You can open and legally operate a business in the USA as a Non US resident without a Social Security Number. You can create an LLC as a member managed or manager managed.

This article is written for the informational purposes only and you cannot consider the contents in this  article a legal advice. The author has shared her opinion , not





The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature

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