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Set up a Landscaping Company

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Posted On : Mon Oct 03rd,2016

How to Start a Landscaping Company?

An ultimate guide to open a landscaping company


If you enjoy the outdoor activities and want to make some money, start your own landscape business. everyone loves nature and it gives us aesthetic taste to our senses too. If you have a desire to cut the lawns of your neighbors and other people, you can turn into a reality by starting a landscaping company.


Learn the skill

Cutting the lawns looks very easy and smooth service but it demands your craft and experience in this field. You need to be well versed in the field of caring lawns. Before you start your company you need to give some time to learn all the necessary skills to maintain your reputation in the business. you need to learn and hire the staff who is skilled and professional in cutting the sidewalks, trim hedges and bushes, and driveways.


Buy Equipments

Latest tools and techniques are necessary to open a landscape business. Learn how to use them efficiently and get your staff trained. If your employees are not capable of displaying their art of cutting, it will decline your company. Get a maintenance checkup on daily basis to ensure maximum output.


Make a price Draft

Making a price draft is very important to registering a landscaping company. You should know your budget and approach of your skills before operating any business, otherwise it would be difficult to handle. That will cost in declining your company popularity.

Compare your industry price

The second step is to get estimate of your industry price, either you are offering the same price or there is something different. The simple question is what is new there in your company and services that would attract your customers.  Make a plan of estimated price. You can do this by calling few relevant industries.



The first step to start any business to make sure that you have enough capital to start and manage your business. A cash flow is a key of any business to operate and maintain. You maintain your cash flow to pay daily expenses. It is highly recommended now a days to crate an online portal to reduce a significant labor cost and eliminate middle management and monitor your business activities real time.



One of the important factor to consider before starting your business is advertising. You will advertise your services in the targeted area. Online advertising is most effective and affordable.

Accounts Receivable and Payables

It is very important to manage your payables and receiveables to maintain your effective cash flow. The Company's cash flow is more important than your intangible profit.


Legal Paper work to open a company

You need to process certain legal paperwork to regulate your business activities seamlessly in the state you are going to open a company.


You need to acquire certain permits and licenses to open a new landscaping company in the USA

  • Register your business name as a corporation, LLC, or a Sole Proprietor
  • Get an EIN to open a bank account
  • Get your sales tax license that is required in most states
  • You also need a business license
  • I will advise you to get business liability insurance to avoid the results of any unwanted damage.

A Non US Resident opening a company in the USA

  • A Non US resident can set up a landscaping company in USA without a Social Security Number.
  • Non US resident can file as manager managed if the owner is not physically available
  • Your business name must be registered in the state
  • Non US resident will file a tax as a non US resident



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