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Open Corporation in New Jersey

Learn Step -By Step How to Apply for a New Jersey Corporation?
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Category : > Articles Directory To Open A Corporation in The USA
Posted On : Thu Aug 18th,2016

Learn Step -By Step How to Apply for a New Jersey Corporation?

How to register a business name in New Jersey as a corporation?

Why form a New Jersey Corporation?

Generally professionals recommend to business owners to open a Corporation or an LLC to conduct business in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey Corporations guards to your personal assets from lawsuits, because generally vendors or customers can file a lawsuit to your corporation instead of you personally. You can also itemize your business expense in a better way. You must maintain New Jersey Corporations by the rules have defined by the State of New Jersey Division of Revenue.

New Jersey Corporation Name Search:

  • You can check online real time New Jersey entity name search at the State of New Jersey website to confirm the name is available to register corporation in New Jersey.
  • The entity name search is built in the process of filing, and the system will check the name availability real time if it is available, if the name is not available, the system will show a message that the proposed name is not available.

New Jersey Corporation Name Reservation

  • A NJ corporation name also can be reserved to use in future.
  • A NJ entity name will be reserved for a limited period only and you cannot file NJ corporation formation online after reserving the name, because the system will not accept it and you have to send a request to the NJ state to incorporate your corporation.

 What is a New Jersey Registered Agent?

  • A New Jersey Registered Agent Address is required and an officer of the NJ Corporation can serve a registered agent instead of retaining a third party to serve a NJ registered agent.
  • Registered agent can either be an individual or an entity.
  • Every corporation in New Jersey is conducting business in the state of New Jersey is required to maintain a registered agent.
  • A registered agent address can be same, where you have registered a corporation but not required.

How to Apply for New Jersey Corporation?

  • You can complete New Jersey corporation formation with New Jersey State electronically.
  • State of New Jersey will send you an approved article in your email you have used to file a New Jersey Corporation online.
  • Generally New Jersey state process your application instantly.
  • Your documents can be rejected by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, because of name issues, errors, omissions or misstatements contained in the proposed filings submitted to this office.
  • All business corporations are required to be filed with the Department of the Treasury New Jersey to operate.
  • Department of the Treasury New Jersey does not provide any legal advice and we strongly advise you to check with an accountant or attorney to choose the best structure for your business to save taxes and give protection.
  • To register a general stock corporation, you must file a Certificate of Inc (Profit Corporation) with the Department of the Treasury New Jersey.
  • The legal name of the corporation in the State of New Jersey will be whatever you list in the Articles of Incorporation after the words "The name of the corporation is".
  • The Articles of Incorporation For Profit Corporation, New Jersey should be filed with the state of New Jersey to start a corporation.
  • Provide Officer(s) information, including name and address.
  • Social Security Number of at least one officer should be provided to apply for the employer identification number (Not applicable for a non US resident).
  • Provide a physical business address (PO Box is not acceptable to register business in New Jersey).
  • Provide business description.
  • NJ Corporation can be incorporated with one officer only.
  • Allocate stocks to your corporation, to form in the state of New Jersey.
  • The New Jersey Articles of Amendment must be filed if there is any change in the business name or officer(s) of the Corporation.

 Tips to maintain a Corporation in New Jersey:

  • Get an Employer Identification Number from Internal Revenue Service to open bank account and filing taxes.
  • File New Jersey Annual Report annually to keep your New Jersey in Good Standing.
  • File Corporation taxes annually with the New Jersey State.

Restricted words cannot use to set up a corporation in New Jersey

You must get a consent from the department if using restricted words, such as

insurance. bank, banking, blind, cemetery, citius altius fortius, con-con, dba, express mail, handicapped, usps little league, olympiad, olympia, olympian, olympic, olympus, realtor, trust, united states plympic committee, urban renewa, uspl and zip code.

Can you get a refund after approving Corporation by the NJ State?

No, the New Jersey state does not refund fees after corporation formed in the state of New Jersey.



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