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How to Start a Moving Business

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Posted On : Mon Oct 17th,2016

The Quickest & Easiest Way to start a moving company?

What is a moving company?

A company that offers its services to transfer goods either for the domestic or commercial purpose from one place to another place.

Why do people hire the services of a moving company?

People hire moving companies’ services to shift their luggage. It includes arranging, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.


How to open a moving company?

Opening a new company always looks like a tough task especially considering the economy. But, if you want to get independent financially, you need to take risks sometimes too. some people ask for a huge warehouse and a fleet of the big commercial truck is necessary to operate a moving company; that is not true as there are various types of moving companies’ services that you can afford to remain in your budget. You need to follow these steps to open a new moving company:

  • Business plan
  • Company’s Registration
  • Moving company license and permits

These are the basic necessities to start a new moving company in the USA.


Why people choose affordable moving services?

A new moving company doesn’t demand huge trucks and a large warehouse, you can start it from small moving jobs if you have a small van even. People look for affordable moving services as they mostly need to transfer some bedroom furniture or some other stuff.


How many types of moving services are there?

There are four types of moving services:


  • Local Move
  • Long Distance move
  • Full-Service Move
  • Commercial Moving

What is a Local Moving service?

You can open a local moving company where a little investment can be enough. Local moving services include moving within the state.


What is meant by Long-Distance Moving service?

Local distance moving company deals with the long distance within the state. You may need a big truck for extra luggage.

What is a Full-Service Moving?

Full-service moving company takes full responsibility of taking the goods including arrangement, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.


What do you need for a Commercial Moving Company?

For commercial moving company, you need large vehicles and professional moving staff to handle all commercial stuff from packing to loading and delivering.


What do I need to Open a moving company?

Here is a list of all important tasks for operating a new moving business in the USA:

  • License and permits for your moving business
  • Get Registration for new business
  • Business Name registration for the moving company
  • Commercial Vehicle and Liability Insurance (CDL) for the moving company
  • Moving Stuff (Bubble wrap, tape, shape boxes etc.)
  • Moving trucks or vans
  • Packing and moving staff
  • Tracking system for safe delivery
  • Office accessories (computer, printer, business card) for the moving business
  • Professional website to open a company online in the USA for your moving business
  • Schedule system for the moving business
  • Bookkeeping set up for the mmoving business

How many Steps are there for Starting a Moving Company?

You need to follow some standard steps to choose either you want to provide a full cost to cost mover service or moving labor service.

Draft a Business Plan to open a new moving company

A business, no matter either it is big or small cannot be started without a plan of action. It is important before starting any business. it will help you to answer the following questions:

  • Forecast business development
  • Allocate market and resources
  • Focused tasks and opportunities


What are necessary Permits for Moving and Transportation?

Business owners of moving company must seek a permit or license to handle the personal property of the customers and to enter in private properties. Contact your state transportation department for motor carrier permits for oversized and overweight vehicles.

  • Get insured and bonded as per the instructions of your state department
  • Get additional licenses as your driver may need to obtain commercial driver license for commercial moving
  • You will get a unique US DOT number for your new moving company in the USA

Why Manpower and Technical Analysis is important to Start a Moving Company?

You can boost your company remaining in a small budget but you should have advanced moving technology to compete for the market. The necessary equipment is:

  • Trucks
  • Moving aids
  • Furniture pads
  • Packing supplies
  • Cargo control
  • Truck-tie down system
  • Walk boards and ramps

Why we need Transportation Insurance for a new moving company?

You need to get cargo and liability insurance when opening a new moving company. It is necessary to get insurance for liability and damages. Vehicle and cargo insurance is mandatory. Check your state transportation department for the minimum insurance amount.


How to Advertise your New Moving Company?

Branding your moving company can give you a better exposure. You can put your company logo and number on your moving truck. You can create an online store with the moving truck images and the services you are providing. Set a moving price with the packages as it will be easy for the customers to decide which service is better to hire. You may get online trusted seal consumer report to receive the latest reviews of you customers.


Why does a moving company hire warehouse?

When you operate a new moving company on a larger scale, it is better to get a warehouse to offer storage services to your customers. offering storage space will create a distinction in the moving market. You may require a storage insurance from the concerning department.


Can a non-US resident open a moving company in the USA?

A Non- US resident can operate a moving company in the USA if he registers his company in the state and files taxes as a non-US resident.


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