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How to File Statement of Domestication Arizona

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Posted On : Wed Jul 12th,2017

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Does' State of Arizona allows domestication?

The secretary of the state Arizona does allow to move company from one state to another and the statement of domestication is submitted with the following documents.

  1. Attach a cover sheet which contains the list of the documents and the information of the domesticating and domesticated entities.
  2. Prepare statement of domestication.
  3. Enclose Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Application for Registration, Application for Authority if applicable.
  4. Include a statement of qualification for the partnership, if applicable.
  5. Both certificates of good standing and certified copy of Articles of incorporation of the domesticating entity are sent  along with the statement of domestication. These copies are obtained from the secretary of the home state.

The following steps are taken to move company into Arizona from the other state:

  1. Include domesticating entity information which is included entity name, type such as a corporation, limited liability company, partnerships or others.
  2. Include domesticating entity information which is included in the jurisdiction and the secretary of state file number, if applicable.
  3. Provide domesticated entity's agent for service of process.
  4. The statement of domestication is signed by the owner of the company.
  5. A future effective date can be chosen, but not more than 90 days from date of receipt.

Estimated state processing time to file a statement of domestication in Arizona:

  • Standard estimated time is 2-3 weeks to file a statement of domestication Arizona.
  • Expedite approximate time is 24-48 hours to file a statement of domestication Arizona. (Additional fee required).

Additional requirements to maintain company in Arizona:

  • Domesticating entity is required to be in good-standing to move company into Arizona.
  • An employer identification number remains the same of the domesticating entity in Arizona.
  • New business licenses are obtained from the state of Arizona to conduct business.

Does domestication in Arizona carry the original date?

Yes, the Arizona Secretary of state intact the original date of the foreign corporation on the article. Moreover, the articles of domestication sustains the history of the originally formed corporation of the foreign state.


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