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How to apply for an EIN

Apply Employer Identification Number for the US resident and Non Resident
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Posted On : Fri Aug 28th,2009

Apply Employer Identification Number for the US resident and Non Resident

What is an E.I.N  (Employer Identification Number)?

An employer identification is used to file business taxes, hire employees and open a business bank account.

Who issues an Employer Identification Number?

The employer Identification Number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service.

Is Employer Identification Number renewed?

An E.I.N is not renewed and it is good as long as the company exists. The E.I.N is cancelled with the Internal Revenue Service on the dissolution of the company.

How to get an E.I.N for a new company?

A form SS4 is filed with the Internal Revenue Service electronically or via mail to apply for an E.I.N. The IRS issued a unique identity in the form of an E.I.N to each business entity which is a registered as a corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or any other legal business structure with the Secretary of State to start a business.

A separate Form-SS4 is filed with the IRS for each entity to obtain a new E.I.N. The similar employer identification number is not used for multiple companies no matter even it belongs to the same owner. It is good for one company only.

 How to get E.I.N for a sole proprietorship?

The Internal Revenue Service issues and E.I.N to a sole proprietorship, and it is issued once only because it is issued to a person under the social security number.

Generally, sole proprietors acquire an employer identification number to hire an employee otherwise it is not required for the d.b.a or sole proprietorship company.

Guidelines for a US and Non-US Resident to apply E.I.N which are outlined below:

A US-Resident applies the EIN online with the social security number. Whereas, the Non-US Resident either fax or mail out the Form-SS4 to the Internal Revenue Service to acquire an EIN.

Requirement of a social security number to get an EIN:

The social security number is not required for a Non-US-Resident in order to apply for an E.I.N with the IRS.

Does Internal Revenue Charge Fee to get an EIN?

The Internal Revenue Service does not charge any fees to issue an E.I.N.

What is the IRS processing time to issue an EIN?

The Internal Revenue Service issues an E.I.N instantly if applied online with the social security number otherwise it takes 5-7 business days.

How to get a duplicate copy of a lost E.I.N?

An application is sent to the Internal Revenue Service to request for a duplicate copy of a lost employer identification number.



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Comments (7)
Luis Valenzuela   wrote on : Sat Jan 02nd,2010
I been working in the New York for 13 years I have my RRTA Form. And do not kn ow how to claim taxes I do not have a Number. Where should apply for one or get one. Luis Valenzuela      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Luis Valenzuela,

First we thank you for choosing for your business needs. You can use the following link to learn about your question.,,id=203118,00.html
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William (Bill) Dugan   wrote on : Fri Jan 08th,2010
Our golf league wants to start up a non-profit account at a bank for our league business. What do we have to do?      View Detail
Reply :
Dear William (Bill) Dugan:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. We need additional information before we advise you properly. Which state do you want to establish your non-profit corporaion? do you want to obtain exempt status at federal and state levels?
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diego hernandez   wrote on : Tue Jan 12th,2010
Well my name is diego and I have worked for the same company for 4 years and he don't pay us no kind of check for us to even get a w-2 form. also I can't even prove how much I have made since I have worked there cause he 10-99 everyone that works for him. Can u tell me what I can do? Also I'm trying to get a tax id number cause I have 2 boys and I need to claim them because I'm the one taking care of them      View Detail
Reply :
Dear  Diego Hernandez:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. You can estimate your income to file your income tax. To obtain ITIN to claim your children you have to file taxes. Please use the following ling to apply your ITIN.
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