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What do you mean by a cigarette license or tobacco license?

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Posted On : Sat Aug 29th,2009


A cigarette license or a retail cigarette license is a legal document issued by the concerned state department (as well as City and county local bodies) which signifies that a business or a retailer is legally allowed to sell cigarettes and tobacco (against tobacco license) in accordance with the state law from a specified location to the consumers who are allowed to buy them.

Carrying renewed retail cigarette and tobacco licenses and sales tax permit is mandatory to sell any tobacco items in the state of New York. Certificate of Authority and Retail cigarette license must be displayed at location prominently.

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Comments (13)
NORTH PEACHTREE PHILLIPS 66   wrote on : Mon Jan 25th,2010
Reply :


Thanks for choosing InfoTaxSquare for your business needs. Please use the following link to apply for your cigarettel license.

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kellie burdick   wrote on : Tue Apr 20th,2010
i and a friend would like to have a drive thr to sell tobacco, please let me know step by step the oregon law in doing so, we have a small building on wheels that will sit on private property out side the city limits, what all we have to have to get started..... thank you kellie     View Detail
Reply :

Dear Kellie Burdick:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To  sell tobacco products in most states you need to have the following licenses:

  1. Retail Cigarette/Tobacco license
  2. Sales Tax Permit

Please let us know your state to advise you properly.

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Shane Smith   wrote on : Sun May 09th,2010
Hello, my wife and I would like to open up a tobacco store in Little Rock, Ar. Can you please tell me how to get it started. And I also want to know the requirement to getting a license. THANKS......     View Detail
Reply :

Dear Shane Smith:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. You have the following options to statrt your tobcacco store.

  1. Which state do do want to start? Some states do not require license to sell tobacco products and you just need to have a saller's permit.
  2. How do you want to want structure your business? Under your personal name or other than personal name? If other than personal than than you either have to create a dba/sole proprietor or incorporate as an LLC or a corporation.
  3. If your state require tobacco license then you have to register your business, sales tax and tobacco license.

If you have any question please either email us at or call at 516.822.3100

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