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Trade Name Missouri

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Posted On : Wed Aug 10th,2016

How to file for Trade Name Registration Missouri? Missouri law requires any person or business entity which transacts business in the state under a name other than their own “true name” to register that business name as a Fictitious Name Registration.
  • You are required to register a trade name for your business to start a sole proprietor in the state of Missouri with the secretary of state.
  • You can also register a trade name under your corporation or a Limited Liability Company to use an alternative name other than the original name of your entity.


Who Must File Trade Name Registration Missouri?

 Every individual, partnership and other associations and corporations who regularly transact business for profit in this state under a fictitious business name.

Requirement to fill out the online to File Fictitious Name MO.

  • To ensure the name you intend to file is not already registered. You can use our free name search online form for the preliminary search to check the name availability.
  • Business Name
  • A complete business address
  • Business description


Fictitious name reservation

A fictitious name cannot be reserved in the state of Missouri like corporations or  Limited Liability Companies.

Processing time to register a MO fictitious name

Missouri Secretary of State usually process the application same day.


Fictitious name electronically filing

MO Secretary of state has a facility to file a fictitious name electronically.


Missouri fictitious business name renewal

A fictitious name must be renewed after every five years and it  must be made in the six-month period prior to the date of the registration's expiration. You will be issued a new fictitious name, if filed after the expiration date.


Name protection of fictitious name

Infinite number of businesses can use the same name, because there is no protection like Corporations or Limited Liability Companies.


Failure to register a fictitious name

You will be subject to penalize, if using a business name without registration with the MO Secretary of State.


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