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Employer Identification Number?

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Posted On : Tue Aug 25th,2009

Purpose and use of Employer Identification Number!

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is used to identify a business for tax purposes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An EIN or FEIN, also referred to as a Tax Identification Number (TIN), is similar to a social security number for your business. Every business, except for certain sole proprietorships that do not have any employees, should have a federal employer identification number (FEIN). Certain nonprofit organizations for example: churches, clubs, etc., trusts, and estates must also have an EIN.

A business is required to obtain a Federal Employer ID Number if it hires employees or meets other IRS guidelines. In addition, banks usually require businesses to obtain an Employer ID Number prior to opening a business bank account.

Other names

EIN also known as the Tax Identification Number (TIN), Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or the Federal Tax Identification Number, the EIN is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to business entities operating in the United States for the purposes of identification.

When do I need Employer ID Number?

Generally, businesses need a new EIN when their ownership or structure has changed. Although changing the name of your business does not require you to obtain a new EIN. Getting a new EIN also depends on the type of your business entity.

When do I not need Employer ID Number?

Following are the course of business in which you do not need employer identification number or federal tax id number;

  • You change the name of your business.
  • You change your location and/or add other locations.
  • You operate multiple businesses.
  • The surviving corporation uses the existing EIN after a corporate merger.
  • A corporation declares bankruptcy.
  • The corporate name or location changes.
  • A corporation chooses to be taxed as an S corporation.
  • You report income tax as a branch or division of a corporation or other entity, and the LLC has no employees or excise tax liability.
  • An existing partnership converts to an LLC classified as a partnership. • An LLC that already has an EIN chooses to be taxed as a corporation or as an S corporation.
  • A new LLC with one owner (single member LLC) is formed under state law, does not choose to be taxed as a corporation or S corporation, and has no employees or excise tax liability

How can I apply for tax identification number/EIN? can help you obtain federal employer number or tax identification number in various ways like you can apply online, by telephone service, by fax, or by email. All you need to do is to fill out Interview-style online EIN application.  It’s fast, free, and user-friendly!

What if I misplaced my EIN?

If you previously applied for and received an EIN for your business, but have since misplaced it, try any or all of the following actions to locate the number:

  • Find the computer-generated notice that was issued by the IRS when you applied for your EIN. This notice is issued as a confirmation of your application for, and receipt of an EIN.

If you used your EIN to open a bank account, or apply for any type of state or local license, you should contact the bank or agency to secure your EIN.

  • Ask the IRS to search for your EIN by calling the Business & Specialty Tax Line

Can I cancel my EIN number?

Once an EIN has been assigned to a business entity, it becomes the permanent Federal taxpayer identification number for that entity. Regardless of whether the EIN is ever used to file Federal tax returns, the EIN is never reused or reassigned to another business entity.

The IRS cannot cancel your EIN. However, if you receive an EIN but later determine you do not need the number (the new business never started up, for example), the IRS can close your business account. The FEIN will still belong to the business entity and can be used at a later date, should the need arise.

Are FEIN and Social Security Numbers (SSIN) both are same?

Similar in purpose to the Social Security Number assigned to individuals, EINs are used by employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, trusts and estates, government agencies, certain individuals and other business entities. The IRS uses this number to identify taxpayers that are required to file various business tax returns. Individuals who are employers may choose to either obtain an EIN or use their Social Security Number for the purpose of reporting taxes withheld on behalf of their employees.



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Comments (7)
shirley   wrote on : Fri Jan 15th,2010
Reply :
Dear Shirley:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To apply for EIN (Employer Identification Number) please either use the following online link or call us at 516.822.3100 for customer support. Estimated processing time to obtain EIN is 24-48 hours.

Link To apply EIN:
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Lillie   wrote on : Sun Mar 28th,2010
If have you have a Home Based business and have a Tax ID number but no employees. How can you receive a EIN number. I want to ensure that my personal credit is seperate from my business credit when it all comes full circle. Because I want to apply for business credit?
Reply :
Dear  Lillie: Thanks for choosing for your business needs. EIN does not serve the purpose to separate your business activities. Here  the question is whether have you registered your business yet or not? If yes then how it is structured?

Please either call us at 516.822.3100 or email with additional details.
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JOhn H   wrote on : Sun Apr 11th,2010
Where, exactly, can I find an employer's EIN online for free? I DO NOT WANT TO APPLY FOR A NUMBER.
Reply :
Dear John H,

You can visit to to apply for free employer identification number. But would suggest you to retain a professional to do it properly.
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John H   wrote on : Sun Apr 11th,2010
Sorry, not in the least helpful. As far as I can tell, both Shirley and I are looking for: A WAY TO LOOK UP OUR (presumably former) EMPLOYER'S TAX ID (EIN) NUMBER. WE DO NOT WISH TO APPLY FOR A NUMBER. All replies direct us to apply for our own numbers. Again, we DO NOT want to apply for our own numbers.
Reply :
Dear  John H: Internal Revenue Service does not maintain EIN data online. You have to call to the IRS to retrieve it.
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michael pool   wrote on : Sat Jun 26th,2010
Hello''' I'm wandering i want to start an online store ,and considering others movie rentals, hand crafted wicker furniture,kids apparel, and manufactured rock.can i have a tax id number to cover all or do they have to have there own separate id number and what about a licenses can it be the same also or to each one separate any info would be helpful thank you'''''
Reply :
Dear Michael Pool:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs.You are not required to have a separate license for each item. You have the following options:

  1. If planning to operate your business other than your personal name then you are required to register your business as a sole proprietor or a corporation.
  2. You are required to obtain sales tax permit to sale the product. It depends on the state. Some states are exempted. For instance;  ALASKA, DELAWARE, MONTANA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, OREGON.
We would suggest you to please give us a call at +1 (866)754 4460 for proper advice.

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Jose z   wrote on : Sat Sep 17th,2011
I closed by business and I would like to cancel my EIN number since it will never get used again. can I do it online or do I need to speak to someone?
Reply :
Dear  Jose z,

Thanks for considering for your business needs. To cancel  your EIN (Employer Identification Number), you are required to contact to IRS (Internal Revenue Services) to cancel it.

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Danecha Sutton   wrote on : Wed Oct 23rd,2013
wants to know my EIN number to get work history infromation
Reply :
Danecha Sutton:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Please contact to Internal Revenue Service.

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