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Annual Report Corporation Filing Deadlines!

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Posted On : Sun Apr 15th,2012

Every Legal Entity in most states are required to file Annual Report to keep the company in Good Standing!
  1.  State of Alabama: Initial Report is required to file within 2.5 Months of filing date. Annual March 15th (Depends on FY)
  2. State of Alaska: Initial Report is due within six months of filign date. Annual-January 1st (Biennial)
  3. State of Arizona: Depends on the Article Filing date to the state of Arizon.
  4. State of Arkansas: Due on may 1st.
  5. State of California: Initial Report is due within 60 days of file date. Annual-Last day of month of file date (Annually).
  6. State of Colorado: Quarterly
  7. State of Connecticut: Last date of Month of file date.
  8. State of Delaware: Due on March 1st
  9. State of Florida:Due on may 1st
  10. State of Georgia: Initial report is due within 90 days of file date if filed before October 1st and Annual Report April 1st
  11. State of Hawaii: Last day in QTR of file date.
  12. State of Idaho: Last day of month file date
  13. State of Illinoies: First day of month of file date.
  14. State of Indiana: Last day of month of file date (Biennial)
  15. State of Iowa: April 1st (Every Even Year)
  16. State of kansas: Due on April 15th assuming FY is 12/31
  17. State of Kentucky:Jume 30th
  18. State of Louisiana-According to the filing date of the Article of Incorporation
  19. State of Maine-June 1st
  20. State of Maryland-April 15th
  21. State of Massachussets-February 15th Two and half months after end of FY
  22. State of Michigan-May 15th
  23. State of Minnesota-December 31st
  24. State of Mississippi-April 15th
  25. State of Missouri-Last Day of Month of File Date
  26. State of Montana-April 15th
  27. State of Nebraska-March 1 (every even year)
  28. State of Nevada-Last Day of Month of File Date
  29. State of New Hampshire-April 1st
  30. State of New Jersey-File Date
  31. State of New Mexico-Initial Report: Within 30 Days of File Date & Annual: March 15 (assuming FY ending 12/31)
  32. State of New York-Last Day of Month of File Date (Biennial) & Non Profit Organizations are exempted in NY
  33. State of North Carolina-April 15th
  34. State of North Dakota-August-1st
  35. State of Ohio-No Annual Report is Required
  36. State of Oklahoma-No Annual Report is Required
  37. State of Oregon-File date
  38. State of Pennsylvania-No Annual Report is applicable
  39. State of Rhode Island-March 1st
  40. State of South Carolina-March 1 (assuming FY ending 12/31)
  41. State of South Dakota-Last Day of Month of File Date
  42. State of Tennessee-April 1st
  43. State of Texas-Annual Report is not applicable
  44. State of Utah-File Date
  45. State of Vermont-March 15 (assuming FY ending 12/31)
  46. State of Virginia-Last Day of Month of File Date
  47. State of Washington-Last Day of Month of File Date
  48. State of Washington DC-Initial Report: By 4/15 if formed before 4/15
  49. State of West Virginia-June 30th
  50. State of Wisconsin-Last Day in QTR of File Date
  51. State of Wyoming-1st Day of Month of File Date




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