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How to Obtain Certificate of legal existence (Good Standing) in the State of Connecticut
What is a Certificate of Legal Existence?

Certificate of legal existence (Official name of Certificate of Good Standing in the State of Connecticut) is a document that is an evidence of your business compliance with the legal, tax and other regulatory requirements of your State. It is issued by the local state government where you conduct your business. The company must be in good standing and active in order to acquire a certificate of status from the state of Connecticut.

Why do I need to obtain this certificate?

Certificate of legal existence serves as a proof of your business registration with the State. Your State government grant you this certificate when you comply with all the filing and legal requirements, have paid all local state government fees and charges and have updated your business information with the State through annual reports on a timely basis.

In order to grow your business in the market, you need to have a good credibility among creditors, banks and investors. This certificate can help you in opening a bank account, obtaining loan from banks and other financial institutes. It also serves as a proof of your business existence legally, hence helps you setting up your business in some other State or jurisdiction.

How can I apply for this certificate?

You can download certification request forms from the Secretary of State Connecticut website and fill and submit it back to the State office either by mail, fax, online or in person. Different requests forms are available on the site to apply through mail, fax, urgent and for obtaining copies.

How long is the processing time and what is the processing fee?

If you apply online, you can immediately obtain the certificate of legal existence on submission of required details and fee. But it takes up to five working days to receive the certificate when you apply through mail or fax or in person. However, urgent application is processed in one working day with additional fee.

Fee varies for different business entities.

For Corporations, Limited liabilities Companies & Limited Partnerships: Certificate fee is $50 for normal processing and $100 for urgent requests.

For Limited Liability partnership and Statutory Trusts: Normal processing fee is $ 40 and urgent fee is $90.

How can I verify certificate I already have for my business?

You can view and verify your certificate by entering your business id and certificate number in the link provided for the same in the Commercial Recording section of the Secretary of State website.

What is a short and long form certificate of legal existence?

State of Connecticut gives you the option to apply for a short or the long form certificate of legal existence. A short form, certificate contains your business name, address, date of granting the certificate with State official seal. Long form, certificate attaches list of all certified documents and information that you have complied with as per the state laws and regulations. Both types of certificates can be obtained for an appropriate fee which varies with the type of business entity. Please note that the long form, certificate is available for domestic businesses only.

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