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State of Kentucky

Starting & Running Business in Kentucky

Incorporate or Form LLC in Kentucky
Benefits of incorporation in Kansas may be substantial for your business, if your business is located in another state, your home state's corporate filing fees and reports may still be required. We can provide you with information about your area so you can decide if a Kansas corporation is the right move for you.

There are a number of business entity types to consider when you are deciding the structure of your Kansas business. The most advantageous entities to form in Kansas are typically corporations or LLCs. Although other entity options are possible, these are the entities that offer the highest level of liability protection in Kansas. As you review the characteristics of incorporating or forming an LLC in Kansas, be sure to keep in mind both the present and future needs of your business. Often, when you start a business it begins as a small organization.

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Capital: Frankfort
State abbreviation/Postal code: Ky. / KY
Governor: Ernie Fletcher, R (to Dec. 2007)
Secy. of State: C.M. "Trey" Grayson, R (to Dec. 2007)

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State Refund Status: To check the status of your State refund call (502) 564-1600

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If you decide that a Kentucky corporation or LLC is the best option for your business, We will prepare and file all the necessary documents to form your corporation or LLC. Save time and money.Take 10 minutes to fill out our quick and easy online order form OR call us at 516-822-3100, 516-822-3175 and we do the rest.

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