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How to register foreign corporation or foreign llc to transact business in the other state?

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Ayodele   wrote on : Sat Feb 13th,2010   Back to Article

A UK based Telecomunications company is planning to open a branch office in the State of Florida. What are the licensing, Domain name registration and other requirements for opening an office in the State of Florida?

Reply :
Dear  Ayodele:
To open a foreign entity of your UK based company in the state of Florida. You have to provide registered agent address in the state of Florida.

Need a good standing letter of your UK based company
Registration of your foreign Entity in the state of Florida

Including Registration +State filing fees +Shipping & Handling =$224.00
Registered Agent Address (Optional)=159.00 for 12 months

Link To apply Foreign Entity Corporation:

Link To apply Foreign Entity LLC:

Link to know more about a foreign entity:

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