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Patrick N. Miamen   wrote on : Fri May 24th,2019   Back to Article

HI We are looking to register a non medical Home Care business in CT. We are finding experts to assist with the business registration process as well as licensing with the state of Connecticut. We want to offer live-in services where are Care Givers will live with our clients at the client's home. Please let me know in detail if your company can offer theses services. Thanks Patrick Miamen

Reply :
Guidelines to file for a non medical Home Care business license in CT

The following standards are followed to start a non medical care business in the state of Connecticut.

A business entity is created such as a corporation or a limited liability company with the CT secretary of state.

An EIN is applied to the Internal Revenue Service for the Connecticut entity.

Business licenses of Homemaker and companionship for the non medical home care are applied to the CT Department of Consumer Protection. Guidelines are described below;

  • Application for the business license is filed
  • A fee of $375.00 is sent to the Treasurer, State, Connecticut, along with the application which is non-refundable, once it is approved and assigned the homemaker and companionship agencies
  • The non medical home care business license is not transferable or assignable
  • It is renewable each year, and must be renewed on or before October 31st of each year
  • The Homemaker and Companion Agency shall hold a surety bond of at least $10,000.00 coverage
  • Workers' compensation and disability insurance is carried for the employees
    A comprehensive background check will be conducted of all the responsible parties such as officers, members and the key employees.

What is the estimated time to get a non medical Home Care business license in CT?

Generally, the estimated time is two weeks, if there is no additional information are asked by the department.

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