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How Sales is taxed?

A certain percentage is charged to a buyer on gross sale, which goes to the department of revenue or taxation. A sales tax is charged on gross receipts.
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Daisy Parisi   wrote on : Mon Jan 03rd,2011   Back to Article

I am the newel elected Treasurer to the Calvary Towers Assiciation which is home based in Winter Park, Florida. The purpose of this association is to cultivate and promote friendly relationships and social solidarity among the residents of Calvary Towers, and to promote educational, recreational, cultural activities can lead to enhance lines of communication between the residents. In order to accomplish this we have cake sales, garage sales, breakfasts etc to raise the funds for our social programs, and meet the exppendse to run the programs here at Calvary Towers. We do not make profit from the fund raising. The question to day is can we become sales tax exempt and if so, how do we begin to do this...

Reply :
Dear Daisy Parisi: Thanks for choosing for your business needs. You have two choices.

  1. If you are planning to do it for a good cause then you can Incorporate it as a Non-Profit Organization or
  2. You can obtain a Sales Tax Exemption Status.
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