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Elhami Daira   wrote on : Tue May 25th,2010   Back to Article

I am on H1B visa and recently switched jobs. My former employer failed to run payroll for a period of time I worked for them. Perhaps, my former employer paid partial wages as cash and not reported on W2 Form. Now, how would I report this to IRS? Former employer declined to send me a corrected W2 and not interested in reporting to IRS regarding the cash paid to me. Being on H1B, I am uncertain that how would I report the cash I received from my former employer. Since I already filed my 2009 tax returns with the W2 provided by them, would I be able to file an amendment for this income.

Reply :

Technically you can only report the income showing on your W-2. To reconcile the wages reported is an internal affair between you and your employer. You have to request to your employer to issue a corrected W-2 if possible.

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