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Cancellation or Dissolution of Corporation, LLC and other Entities

When a business entity is no longer doing business or even if it was never used for anything, it is very important that it follows the legal steps in "winding itself up" as a legal entity.
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CMCRN & ASSOCIATES, PLLC   wrote on : Tue Dec 08th,2009   Back to Article

My name is Carol McCorkle. I am the legal owner of CMCRN & ASSOCIATES. I have no employees. Because of medical reasons I was not able to continue my business at a working level for a couple of years. There has been no income, only losses with regard to the phone bill and the yearly filing fee. In order to continue to work my business, I will need to take a refresher course at which time I am not prepared to do. When the time comes to resume my business venture, I will do so under a different name and follow the proper procedures to do so. Please advise me on how to dissolve my present business venture the legal way. Thank you. E-mail address: My mailing address is 40790 Riverdale Drive, Paw Paw, MI 49079

Reply :
Dear Carol, We have online forms available on our website at To dissolve your company please use this link to order:

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