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Why choose us to handle your business in the USA?

The Repro America is one of the features of the and it is a one stop shop where all business needs are handled for a US Resident and Non US Resident.
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Posted On : Wed May 08th,2019

The Repro America is one of the features of the and it is a one stop shop where all business needs are handled for a US Resident and Non US Resident.


The is the only company of the North America, that handles almost every aspect of the business for a US Resident and Non Resident. We are in the business since 2003, and we have served over a million jobs.

In America, there is no restriction and discrimination apply between a US Resident and Nonresident, to transact business. American society is very fair and functional, and belief in the progress, besides it is very easy to adjust.

Follow the following checklist we can do for you:

Establish a new company in the USA : We help translating a right entity type for you as per your business classified code. Such as a corporation, limited liability company, partnerships or a sole proprietorship. Choosing a proper entity types helps in the initial planning such as how and when to report the income. Whether, does it allow you to draw the payroll or it restricts to drag out the profit in a dividend  only.

It is noticed that most companies close due to non-compliance, especially the Non-Residents do not comply the principles what the agencies have set. Furthermore, it is also observed that, most Non US residents/companies do not pay the amount they owe to the departments in taxes and use the smart door to escape.

Handle banking and merchant gateway activities: The banking is a wall between a Non-Us-Resident and doing business in the USA. A Non-US-Resident cannot open a bank account in the USA without a physical presence in the USA, Bank, which is not possible for most of the Non-US Residents. is a bridge to cross the wall for your banking and merchant gateway activities. So far, is the only company of the North America provides such services.

Business licenses: Acquiring the appropriate business license are one of the prime obligations of a business owner to transact business in the United States, and we handle all types of city, state and federal licenses, and there is no residency restriction apply to get business licenses.

Business networking and advertising, that tells people that you exist: You cannot leave your business Anonymous, rather you have to make it Identified to the public, make it known and make a solid network through the advertising and promotion. We have our own unique advanced developed technology to extend your network and the audience.

Develop Android and Apple Applications: App or an Application is the modern and the best way to increase your relevant audience. It keeps you attached to the existing and the potential clients. More downloads of your applications increases the chances of referrals and conversions. We have a professional team  to handle your applications professionally.

Develop an online business portal : It is one of the most important features of a successful business prior to create an app to bring the relevant audience for your business. The online business portal is no more an option, rather it is required. We use our own developed technology, including our own created site builder to create an online business portal.

Filing business and income taxes: Filing taxes on time is required to stay away from problems. We have a great experience and expertise to handle taxes in the USA.




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