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What is a Professional Corporation?

professional corporation
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Posted On : Tue Feb 02nd,2010

professional corporation

The Professional Corporations (PCs) are these entities of corporation for which many act of company make the special provision, regulating the use of the corporate form by licensed professionals such as attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants and doctors. A professional corporation is a corporation that is formed for the purpose of providing a professional service that by law a for-profit or nonprofit corporation is prohibited from rendering. A "professional service" means any type of service that requires, as a condition precedent to the rendering of the service, the obtaining of a license in the state.

The legal payments applying to the professional-companies differ typically from the important manners of those which apply to other companies. The professional orders, which can have a simple director or multiple directors, do not have the means usually this person or people the same degree of limitation of responsibility as for the ordinary companies of businesses. The Professional-companies often exist as an element of larger, more complicated, legal entity


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Comments (1)
Robert Beasley   wrote on : Wed Jun 30th,2010
I would like to start a family corporation and transfer properties that we own into the corporation name. We have a rental property and some others that are currently vacant. Should I include my primary residence, timeshares vehicles, utilities and services, into the corporate name? Does it matter if I have a mortgage on any or still making payments? What can help me most if I have low credit scoring? Which would be more suitable if I expect to engage in multiple business pursutes. The main officers will be me and my wife, and may expand to include my children. Right now our business is rental properties and property management but we would like to include a greeting card business and soon a product that is being developed for market. We're looking to do this in PA VQUSE      View Detail
Reply :
Dear  Robert Beasley:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. Yes, you can manage multiple businesses under one LLC (Limited Liability Company). We would suggest you to please call us at
+1 (866)754 4460 to give you proper advice according to your state.  You can also use the following link to get more knowledge about your question.

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