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What if I misplaced my EIN?

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Posted On : Fri Aug 28th,2009

What happens if you have lost the employer identification number and how can you retrieve EIN? An EIN is a nine digit unique number which uses to file any tax filings such as business tax returns, payroll returns, sales tax returns or any official correspondence deals with the departments

A duplicate copy of a  lost employer identification number recover from the Internal Revenue Service.The lost employer identification number cannot be obtained electronically and  a stockholder or an owner the entity has following option to recover.

The owner of the company or the authorized person sends a written request to the Internal Revenue Service along with a copy of the article which was filed with the Secretary of state or county to acquire a duplicate copy of the employer identification number. The authorized person must present a signed power of attorney to get a duplicate copy of EIN from the IRS stating the title and the relationship with the company.

The lost EIN verification letter can also be requested by the Internal Revenue Service over the phone.

Generally, the Internal Revenue Service requires estimated two to three weeks to process and issue a duplicate copy of the EIN.

The Internal Revenue Service does not recover or re-issue the same Employer Identification Number of the dissolved or canceled company.






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Comments (11)
Gwendolyn Bolden   wrote on : Mon Jan 11th,2010
I lost all my information that i have obtain in having my business and my EIN number was in the notebook so i was trying to replace it so that i can file my taxes this year. If you can give a replacement or tell how I can obtain a replacement or what i can give to the tax pro-parer.Thank You      View Detail
Reply :
Dear  Gwendolyn Bolden: We would suggest you to please either call to your accountant or your state to obtain duplicate documents.
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Thomas M. Smith   wrote on : Fri Mar 05th,2010
Trying to open bank account. Lost confirmation notice. Can I get another? Organization: Zion Hope People Alliance Corporation 1401 Bluegrass Ave, Ste-205 Louisville, KY 40215      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Thomas M.Smith:

Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To retrieve you missing numbers you can call to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You do not need to obtain a new one.

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michaela agee   wrote on : Sun Mar 14th,2010
i lost my ein number in the process of doing my taxes ad they need the number to get me my money.      View Detail
Reply :
Dear Michaela Agee : Thanks for choosing for your business needs. To get your missing number you will have to contact to Internal Revenue Service.
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