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West Virginia Cigarette and Tobacco License

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Posted On : Sun Sep 22nd,2019

Every retailer, wholesaler, importer, exporter and the manufacturer in the state of West Virginia is required to have a license to conduct business of a cigarette and tobacco product.

What is included in cigarette product West Virginia?

Cigarette products are included roll for smoking made, wholly or in part, of tobacco, irrespective of size or shape and whether or not the tobacco is flavored, adulterated or mixed with any ingredients, the wrapping or cover of which is made of paper or any substance or material, except tobacco.

What is included tobacco products in West Virginia?

Other tobacco products include snuff and chewing tobacco and any other tobacco product that is intended by the seller to be consumed by means other than smoking and any cigar, pipe tobacco or other tobacco product other than cigarettes.

How to apply for a Cigarette and Tobacco License in West Virginia?


We will describe below how and where it is applied:

  • Every person who is engaged to sell cigarette and tobacco product must file for a license, and it is  part of business registration certificate.

  • The tobacco license West Virginia is applied with the West Virginia State Tax Department.

  • A penalty or fined is between $100 to $250.00 to sell cigarettes and tobacco products without a license, if convicted.

  • Normally a retail cigarette license, state filing fee is $30.00, but it varies with the city as well.

  • A commercial location or a warehouse is necessary to apply for the license, even if the sales is being conducted online.

  • A business registration certificate in the state of West Virginia is renewed each year to continue selling tobacco and the other relevant products.

  • A separate cigarette and tobacco license is issued to each location to sell the tobacco products in West Virginia.

  • A tobacco license is also required to sell the tobacco products from a vending machine.

  • Sales and use tax license is also one of the requirements to get a cigarette and tobacco license in the state of West Virginia.


Cigarette Tax in West Virginia?

A cigarette tax is imposed on selling the cigarette and tobacco products in WV, the current cigarette tax rate can be checked on the West Virginia state tax department website.


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