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Tips to maintain business on Amazon

Amazon is a great market place to accelerate sales despite the fact that there are some marketing techniques and management guidelines which are followed to achieve fast and positive results.
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Posted On : Tue May 22nd,2018

Amazon is a great market place to accelerate sales despite the fact that there are some marketing techniques and management guidelines which are followed to achieve fast and positive results.

How to accelerate sales on Amazon?

Finding more marketplaces is the most effective way to grow sales and earnings along with quality customer acquisition. Using different channels and marketplaces gives a great exposure to the product.

Described below few tested tips which applies to get instant traffic and sales conversion on Amazon:

Read and understand the Amazon policies which are defined for a seller and buyer carefully to avoid any unknown surprise in future by a buyer and the Amazon.

List products accurately on the Amazon wall for users to navigate easily, keeping in mind create a different taxonomy of items, categories, and maintaining distinctive product descriptions which are necessary for a user friendly online sales. Effective navigation is used in the online store, whereas a sales person is used for a store front.

Cash flow plays an important role in any business new or existing to pay bills on time. The Amazon holds and pays earnings, according to their business cycle so, it is checked carefully the cycle to release funds before one run out of cash to buy more products.

Product costing is very important and make sure storage fee, an online portal rental fee, which Amazon provides to sell products, shipping and handling fee or if any other fee is associated. Other operating expenses such as advertising on Amazon is also considered for the product costing.

How much money is required to start FBA Amazon business? It depends on person to person, but it is advised to start with the minimum investment instead of borrowing money. One can start with few hundred too, and gradually increase the investment after understand the methodology of the Amazon FBA program.

The Amazon professional seller account is set up, logo design is created, label and packaging artwork is done, amazon listing photos are taken for the great presentation, inventory is stored and bar-codes are set up to start an Amazon FBA program. Trademarking is essential to protect brand name but not recommended in the testing or learning phase.

Amazon's growing strategy is selling and shipping retail products through a third party.

Flow to process an order on the Amazon: A vendor stores the products at Amazon's warehouse which are later shipped to customers when a seller received orders. The Amazon shipping network charges a very nominal fee which is called an FBA fee to deliver goods to a buyer from Amazon's warehouse. The shipping item is recognized by the bar-codes.


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