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Tips To Grow Your Business Organically

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Posted On : Sat May 25th,2019

There are numbers of great examples that proves the importance of an organic process vs non-organic. We will share here the real experience of organically successful businesses.

What is an organically growing business?

A business that does not depend on the investors, investments, mergers, acquisition and profit to grow.

Rather, it grows with the right planning, efficient management and correct timing, this is called an organically growing business.

This ultimately increases sales, network and branding, and finally profit.

Here, I would also refer to one of the hero Steve Jobs, whom we cannot forget when we talk about organically growing business. He shared a solution for a small business, that carry business 24/7 in your pocket to carry out results constantly by constantly increasing network, timely response and reduce the manpower cost significantly, it also helps to keep the sales increase. His idea was to handle the business by a mini device "App", that fits in your pocket easily, and it follows you everywhere you move.

It is a tested idea and across the world, a number of persons have made billions of dollars with a little investment on the different types of the apps such as Taxi App, Travel App, Food App and many more. An app plays a vital role to develop a business organically, and it is becoming inevitable for any small or large business.

We will share below few important tips that we have also applied in our business to grow it successfully without any loans and investors support:


  1. Patience: One must have a patience to handle the changing situations in a transition period, because business is a cycle of two years based on our decades of experience. The first year you learn and second year you earn.

  2. Skills: Are you qualified, and have experience and skills or you are rather depending on the professionals to grow your business organically. A qualified, skilled and an experienced person can easily handle and control the different situations, whereas a person who is facing towards the professionals may have a bitter experience, and generally the chances of a the success are not very high compare to a person who has the above mentioned qualities.

  3. Cash Flow: A cash flow in a transition period is a key to success which helps you to stay focused on your original plans. One year cash flow is considered a reasonable to see a success in business.

  4. Planning and Management: A business plan is prepared to control the deadlines to meet different goals, such as production and sales. Do you have ability to meet the market demand?, it must be a part of your planning and a good management divides it into two parts back-end a and a front end. A back-end delivers whereas as the front end increases sales. Both ends are important for a successful business.

  5. Increase Sale: Besides hiring employees, teaming up with the agents and affiliates can help increase sales rapidly. The apple and android applications can also help developing sales and network immediately, these applications keep you interacted with new and potential clients.

  6. Lower the cost: Reasonable pricing of your products and service must be maintained and the app is a device that can help you to maintain the manpower cost.

  7. Improvement: Adding new products, services, technology and re-investment in the business keeps your business grow organically. Spend money on the online visibility keeps your chances very high to grow your business organically.


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