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Streamlined Sales Tax Registration for Sellers

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Posted On : Sun Apr 01st,2012

What is Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS)? And How does it benefit to a vendor?

The streamline sales tax, registration system is introduced for the sellers who have sales tax activities in multiple states. Due to the internet sales the sales tax process is becoming very complex and a lot of buyers buy from the out of states to avoid paying sales tax, but it is a wrong interpretation of the sales tax law.

Regardless of buying a taxable item from nontaxable state, A buyer is still obligated to pay a use tax to its own state where the out of state purchase was taxable in the home or a residential state. Seems, A use tax was introduced to demotivate a local buyer buy from a foreign state.

The streamlined sales tax Governing Board, Inc. generally issues sales tax account ID number (SSTID) same day.

How to file sales and use tax returns under SSTRS?

The streamlined system does not give a vendor's privilege to file one sales tax return only. Sales and use tax withholding receives as per the state sales tax guidelines.

This privilege is provided to register sales tax only. One SSTID is used to file multiple state sales tax returns but separate.


The following states are covered under the streamline registration:


1.      Arkansas,

2.      Georgia,

3.      Indiana,

4.      Iowa,

5.      Kansas

6.       Kentucky

7.       Michigan

8.      Minnesota

9.       Nebraska

10.   Nevada,

11.  New Jersey

12.   North Carolina

13.   North Dakota

14.   Oklahoma

15.   Rhode Island,

16.  South Dakota

17.  Vermont

18.   Washington,

19.  West Virginia

20.   Wisconsin

21.   Wyoming

22.  Ohio

23.  Tennessee

24.  Utah

Information about Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS)


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