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Start business with Fulfillment by Amazon

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Posted On : Sun May 20th,2018

A complete and step by step guide to start business on Amazon. Find suppliers and buyers on Amazon. Amazon's fulfillment center store and deliver for sellers.

Establish a company to sell on Amazon: Start a company to do business in the Amazon, which is not compulsory if the business is conducted under personal name, but it is advised to segregate the business activities.

A Non USA resident is also eligible to establish an entity in the USA as a corporation or an LLC.

Bank Account: Open a bank and PayPal account to transfer sales money into the account which is compulsory for a US resident whereas a Non USA resident may need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to open a bank account in the USA if a Non USA resident is not physically present in the USA.

An ITIN is obtained by the Internal Revenue Service filing the income tax return along with the Form W-7. Estimated time to get an ITIN is 3-4 four months after filing income tax return to the IRS.

Seller's permit for Amazon reseller: It is endorsed to get a seller's permit to sell tangible personal property on Amazon, which is provided to the supplier to buy taxable items without sales tax.

A seller's permit is obtained by the state where the supplier is based or shipping items from. For example; if the suppliers are in multiple states such as Arizona and California then a seller's permit will be obtained for each state.Sales tax registration for the Amazon Sellers


Open an account on Amazon (FBA) as a professional or Personal?

An account is set up on the Amazon to start selling products and services.

Amazon Tutorial For a Seller


How to start selling products and services on Amazon?

After opening a company, bank and PayPal account and register with FBA, now buy products from suppliers and post on the Amazon wall to sell.

For Example:

A seller buys items from Alibaba Group and list on Amazon wall to sell. The Amazon will store the items in the fulfillment center and will deliver directly to the supplier upon sale. The amazon charges a fee for the entire process.

Does Amazon brand a business?

Amazon does support to accelerate sales, but does not help to make business a brand, whereas a unique identity is needed to become a brand.

A seller and buyer use the Amazon online portal to start and increase sales, whereas a unique online portal is created to make business a brand.

The Amazon portal escalates sales, whereas the unique online identity build credibility.

A seller follows Amazon's terms and conditions, whereas a unique online portal dictates policies to the buyers.

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