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Opening Cigarette and Tobacco Company

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Posted On : Thu Oct 06th,2016

An Ultimate Guide to Start a Retailer Cigarette, Cigar and Tobacco Products Business

Why opening cigarette and Tobacco Company?

According to the American Council for Drug Education, 47 million American use tobacco products approximately. Opening a cigarette and tobacco company can be very profitable, especially when you are focusing on hookah and shisha business.

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Products
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Financial plan- Cash Flow
  • Find distributors
  • Marketing your Business
  • How to Obtain a Cigarette & Tobacco License?
  • Legal Requirements to setup a Cigarette and Tobacco Company

Tobacco business has become the most prominent industry in the terms of selling products, marketing, and manufacturing. If you want to become successful, you need a solid and proper business plan along with retail tobacco license.


Opening a hookah shop

A hookah or shisha shop is a place where people share shisha from a traditional hookah.
The best hookah shops are a great place for shisha smokers but everyone seeks relaxing and soothing environment with quality products to invest their time. In order to keep striking and delicate appearance, you need to read following steps.


Set your Tobacco Company Objectives

Writing a comprehensive business plan for your company is the initial step. Your business plan may include budgeting, marketing, manufacturing, and the most important is “retail tobacco license”. Do a research on retail tobacco permit and state laws where you are going to open your cigarette and tobacco company. You need to understand the federal government laws and regulations.

  • Decide the tobacco products to sell it may include:
  • Hookahs
  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Imported cigarettes
  • Pipes
  • Target your domestic or international customers


Market Analysis

It would be a significant move if you know the potential customers in the market. They vary as:


  • Specialty smokers

This type of smokers is called hardcore smokers who always find a unique brand for a unique taste.

  • Recreational Smokers

    These are the traditional smokers who are also addicted to shisha and tobacco.

  • Average Smokers

Average smokers are also addicted but they are not specified to convenience stores and markets and prefer shisha bars.

  • Occasional Smokers

Occasional smokers only smoke at special occasions like bachelor parties or some other gathering.

Opening a tobacco company or a shisha shop, you must enlist the consumers. Consumer market analysis helps you to approach targeted customers according to their taste. Why tobacco and cigarette companies are successful because of their customer and product selection.


Strategy and Implementation

Product strategy and implementation give your company and business an exposure. You need to focus on:


  • Product design
  • Product promotion
  • Product area
  • Price

These are four core elements of your product strategy to bring revolutionary results in the tough competition. If your product design is appealing, you are offering a competitive price, and you are promoting it impeccably; you can easily breach the cigarette and tobacco market standards.

Select your Location

It is another important part to be mobilized among the mass. Select the area where your company or a shisha shop get high traffic. It can be a grocery store, shopping center, or a university.


Financial plan- Cash Flow

Your financial plan decides the complete structure of your business. Your business strategy, marketing, staffing, and all other expenses based on what you have in your hand. Cash flow is the exact amount you possess.


Find Distributors

It is difficult to find committed distributors but once you are engaged with the dedicated distribution company, you will be approaching from local to national and international market.  There are many brands are liked on an international level. Good distribution is one of the reasons of their success.


Marketing your Business

Marketing means to communicate with your audience efficiently. Let your customers know the quality and value of your product. Better marketing techniques provide a simultaneous customer service and exposure that are the core elements to develop a strong brand.

Tobacco License and permits

Opening cigarettes and tobacco company you need to obtain licenses as it is heavily regulated industry. Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). You need retail cigarettes and tobacco licenses under the following conditions:

  • You are manufacturing cigarettes
  • You are producing tobacco products
  • You are importing tobacco cigarettes or products
  • You are selling cigar or cigarettes

Retail tobacco and cigarettes permits are granted by the state, local, or federal authorities on the nature and location of your tobacco business activity. Here is the list of all tobacco licenses you may need to open a cigarette and tobacco company:

TTB.Gov issues,

Tobacco export proprietor

This type of permit is given to the entity who exports tobacco products to a foreign country. For instance, cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and chewing tobacco.

Tobacco Importer

Retail tobacco permit is given to a person who wants to import tobacco products into the United States of America for business or personal purposes.


Tobacco Products Manufacturer

Retail tobacco products manufacturer license is given to an entity who has cigarettes and tobacco company for manufacturing tobacco products.


 (MPR): Manufacturer of Processed Tobacco

A business which manufactures processed tobacco must obtain a manufacturer of processed Tobacco permit . A business with having valid TTB permit can easily manufacture products.


Importer of Processed Tobacco:

If a cigarette and tobacco company wishes to import processed tobacco must obtain the Importer of Processed Tobacco permit.

Who needs a retail cigar and tobacco permit?

  • Every cigarette and tobacco retailer needs a tobacco license
  • Need a retail tobacco license in order to sell  Cigar Products
  • If you wish to open a hookah shop or business you must obtain cigarette and tobacco license
  • If you want to start a shisha shop, you need to get tobacco license first


Other Retail Cigarette Permit Requirements

  • Every Retail Tobacco (cigar, cigarette, and shisha) company or shop needs to file application with license fee
  • You will apply for a separate retail cigarette license if you run your tobacco business more than one place
  • In many state retail tobacco license is valid for twelve months. It includes all tobacco products (cigar, shisha, and cigarettes)
  • A retail cigarette/tobacco license cannot be transferred
  • You must renew your retail tobacco license annually
  • Remember that you must need a retail tobacco license to sell all tobacco products


Marketing Strategies

In order to be the best in tobacco business marketing, you need to understand the fact that it is different as compared to the other industries. Tobacco industry has various marketing forms like:


Traditional advertising-

The purpose of the traditional advertising is to tell the customer about the features and the benefits of your product. Traditional advertising may cost Traditional advertising is not a perfect way because of the following reasons:

  • Advertising the grave health mean your publicity is not fair and honest, you are hiding the consequences; while if you disclose the addictive nature of nicotine and remain factual, it can be a positive selling method.
  • There is competition in selling brands but there is no unique physical difference among prominent tobacco brands. You need to focus on powerful striking product advertisement to make a space in the top brands. It is an illusion that is created by promotional communication team, so if you are positive in your communication, you can expect your required results.


You can also enhance your marketing through;


  • Conducting customer reviews and report- you must remain in touch with your customer to know the service and product quality you are providing. To become prominent in the tobacco industry you must care and have concerns about your customers’ complaints
  • Maintain social networking relevant to your brand
  • Provide debit or credit card facility

Legal requirements to start cigarette and tobacco company

After your business planning, the most important thing is to get registered to run your company legally.

Here is the process to register your company:

Register your cigarette and tobacco company

  • There are various business structures to open a company in the USA such as:
  • LLC (limited liability Company)
  • DBA (Doing Business As)
  • Limited Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Partnership

You can register your company under the above-mentioned structures.


Obtain Insurance to Protect your assets

Getting an insurance can protect your cigarettes and tobacco company assets.


A Non-US resident opening a Cigarette and Tobacco company in the USA

Any foreign can open a business company in the USA under following instructions:


Can a Non-resident open a company for cosmetics products in the USA?

  • Yes, a non-resident can open a company under following instructions:
  • You must register your company with the concerned state
  • File taxes as a non-us resident
  • You have the option to file as a manager managed if the owner is not present



The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature

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