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Open Limited Liability Company in Massachusetts

An ultimate guide to register an LLC in the state of Massachusetts
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Category : > Library To Create An LLC In USA
Posted On : Thu Dec 15th,2016

An ultimate guide to register an LLC in the state of Massachusetts

How to define a Limited Liability Company in Massachusetts?

  • A Limited Liability Company is one of the most popular legal business structure to conduct business in the state of Massachusetts.
  • An LLC can be created with one member only.
  • A Limited Liability Company in MA is flexible to use as a corporation or an S Corporation for the tax purpose only.
  • An operating agreement is created to run a business operation under a Limited Liability Company Massachusetts.

How to open a Limited Liability Company in Massachusetts?

  • You can fill out a certificate of organization electronically at Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts webite.
  • The state of Massachusetts usually creates a Limited Liability Company same day.
  • An Employer Identifation Number is required for all MA Limited Liability Companies to operate a bank account, filing taxes and obtaining permits.

How to check name availability in MA to form an LLC?

You can visit to Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website to search name availability before completing an MA certificate of organization.

 How to Move an existing Limited Liability Company to Massachusetts?

  • State of MA does allow to move an existing LLC from the other state to Massachusetts with the age of formation of the original state.
  • You have to file an article of merger/cancellation in the state of Massachusetts to request that you are domestication other state Limited Liability Company in MA.
  • All serviving companies names must be included in a merger or consolidation in MA.
  • After a successful merger or moving a limited liability company from one state to another, the original state Limited Liability Company must be canceled or terminated Limited Liability Company.
  • You will continue using the same employer identification number, but must be notified to the Internal Revenue Service for the merger.

DBA for Massachusetts Limited Liability Company

You can add a dba under an LLC is created in the state of Massachusetts to advertise multiple products or services under one LLC. You can create unlimited assumed names under one MA LLC. DBAs are filed with the counties.

Renewal of a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company

Every MA LLC is required to renew or file an annual report on or before the anniversary date of the filing of its original certificate of organization otherwise state of MA has an authority to dissolve your Limited Liability Company.

Reinstatement of a Dissolved Limited Liability Company

In order to reinstate an admin dissolve Limited Liability Campany, all prior annual reports must be filed with the unpaid amount, penalties and interest.

Open a branch office in Massachusetts as an LLC

An out of state or overseas Limited Liability Company can create a branch office in MA to expand business and must file a foreign entity. You can apply for an MA foreign Entity online.

Can I Non US Resident open an LLC in Massachusetts?

Yes, A non US resident or out of state resident can establish an LLC in Massachusetts with or without a social security number.

How is an LLC taxed in Massachusetts?

It can be taxed as:

  • Corporation
  • Sub Chapter S Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Disregarded Entity
  • Partnership Or
  • Multimember Partnership

Can you convert an MA LLC into an MA Corporation or a vice versa?

Yes, the State of Massachusetts does allow to convert a Limited Liability Company to a Corporation or vice versal.


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