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Open Corporation Nebraska

How to open a Corporation in Nebraska?
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Category : > Articles Directory To Open A Corporation in The USA
Posted On : Wed Aug 10th,2016

How to open a Corporation in Nebraska?

How to register a business name in Nebraska as a corporation?

Meaning of Nebraska Corporation

A corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners. Owners may call shareholders or members.  The owners of a corporation have limited liability for the debts and actions of the corporation to the extent of their investment. A corporation is managed by a board of directors and formed by submitting articles of incorporation with the State in US.

Setting up a corporation in Nebraska

It is recommended to hire the services of a professional to register a corporation in Nebraska due to inherent legal complication in registration a Nebraska Corporation. Otherwise you may do incorporate by following simple steps.

Choosing a Name of Nebraska entity

Choose and distinct and unique name for Nebraska Corporation. The name must include any of the word, “corporation,” “incorporated,” “company” or “limited,” or the abbreviations “corp.,” “inc.,” “co.” or “ltd.”

Inquire Nebraska entity Name search

Write an inquiry for name availability to Secretary of the State Nebraska either via fax or by email to: or by mailing to Secretary of State's Office, Business Services Division.

Nebraska Corporation Name Reservation

Upon availability of proposed name apply for name reservation with Nebraska State Secretary by filling prescribed form along with required fee. The form must be submitted in duplicate and the name will be reserve for 120 days which in nonrenewable.

Prepare Nebraska articles of Incorporation

From 2011 articles of incorporation are available online at official website of Nebraska State Secretary. You have to provide following information in articles of incorporation

  • Name of Corporation: Provide complete name of the corporation already reserved, you may apply without name reservation but it will not guarantee the registration of corporation.
  • Authorized Share capital: Provide limit of authorized share capital with par value, but remember that the Nebraska State has higher slab rate of fee for higher limit of authorized share stock.
  • Duration of corporation: Select an option either perpetual for unlimited time period or check and mention date of expiry if you want to register for a limited time.
  • Registered agent: provide the particulars of appointed registered agent for your corporation for service of process and official communication. It may be an entity of an individual located in Nebraska State.
  • Effective date of filling: you may select filling date for the effectiveness of filling or a delayed date up to 90 days from the filling date.
  • Filling of articles of incorporation: there is no more information required to file in Nebraska, after providing the above details you will have an option to apply for certified copies and provide email ID for filling notification. Please ensure the payment of required filling fee otherwise application will be rejected.
  • Processing Time:State usually takes 2-3 days to process your application.

Other legal and statuary requirements of Nebraska corporation

  • Federal Taxpayer Identification: apply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • State Taxation: apply with Nebraska Department of Revenue for State Taxation.
  • licenses and permit: For local licenses and permit contact with relevant officer of your county or city .

Comply with Nebraska Business Laws & Regulations

  • Nebraska Secretary of State Corporate & Business Entity Forms
  • Nebraska Secretary of State Uniform Commercial Code Division
  • Nebraska Unemployment Insurance: Information & Application
  • Nebraska New Hire Reporting
  • Contractor Registration
  • Nebraska Workers Compensation Court

Adopt Nebraska corporation bylaws

Bylaws are the set of internal policies and procedures. Iowa State does not require filing bylaws but it is necessary to adopt to operate.

Registering a Nebraska Trade name/ Nebraska Fictitious Name

You have to fill a resolution with Iowa State Secretary to adopt a fictitious name for its operations in Iowa State along with prescribed fee. The resolution must be signed by authorized person in the corporation.

Nebraska Biennial Reports

All corporations must file biennial reports in even number years along with the required fee and tax by April 15 of the reporting year. Failure to file may cause in administrative dissolution.  Report may be filed online easily at official website of Nebraska State Secretary.

Nebraska Certificate of good Standing

Certificate of good standing issued by the Secretary of the State Nebraska contains his/her signature along with official seal. You can buy online after paying required fee its image and physical paper document will be received within 2-3 days of the order.

Convert Nebraska C Corporation into S Corporation

You may elect to convert into S corporation status for tax purposes by submitting Form 2553 with the IRS. The election should be filed within two months and 15 days after the beginning of the corporation's first tax year.

How to Reinstate a Nebraska Corporation?

If the corporation in administratively dissolved then it can be reinstate with existed or new name after eliminating the causes of such dissolution by filling a reinstatement application with the Iowa State Secretary along with assigned fee.

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