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Open a Pest Control or Exterminator Company

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Posted On : Mon Oct 10th,2016

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Open a Pest Control or Exterminator Company!

How to Start a Pest Control or Exterminator Company?

Pest control business provides pest, termites, and insects controlling and removing services for instance; eliminating harmful reptiles, rodent, and insects from residential and commercial properties. To set up a pest control company, you must acquire a pest control license depending on the state.


Opening a pest control company has the potential to give you handsome income. There is a strong demand of controlling pests and insects especially when they take shelter inside homes. Your registered pest control company can offer pest control packages annually, monthly, and quarterly.

  • Select the Services
  • Determine the Average Customers
  • Transport
  • Chemicals and Equipment
  • Pest control Training
  • Legal requirements to register a pest control company
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Investment

Choose the type of service you want to offer

Plan for the services you are going to offer in your area but first take a look at already set business in the market. Offering various offers at a single time is a good move but either you are an expert in all services are you need to learn many things first. Don’t look around the companies with a huge budget, just look what do you have. Either your cash flow allows you to take massive budget steps or not?

Determine the average customers

Prepare a feasibility report of what you are going to do. What type of services people ask for in your area? You can prepare this report by collecting the data of various companies around you. It will help you to target the customer through the right service like:

  • Pest control
  • Insect control
  • Exterminator Control

If your cash flow allows you then try to cover as a customer as possible.



You need a small van or truck to transport your chemicals and equipment. You can choose the van according to your stuff. A reliable used truck can reduce your operating cost.


Equipment and Chemicals

Both chemicals and equipment are necessary for pest control industry to get long-lasting results. The basic pest control equipment includes following items:

  • Safety equipment
  • Fogging equipment
  • Sprayers
  • Foamer
  • Vacuums
  • Bait guns

Pest Control Training

Pest control training is necessary in order to get a professional license as pest control technician. to open a pest control company, you may require maintaining state standards for chemical storage.


How to Start a Pest Control Business?

  • Business name registration with the State or county, you are planning to start a business. It can be incorporated as a Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Limited Partnerships, Partnerships or a Limited Liability Company.
  • Pest Control business in most states of the USA is subject to sale tax registration. A business owner is required to collect sales tax from customers, the state has imposed.
  • Pest Control License is required in most states of the USA to start a business, and generally, it is issued by the state of county offices.
  • A Non US residents can also register a pest control business in the United States without a social security number.
  • Insurances not limited to, business insurance, error and omission insurance, general liability insurance, workers' compensation and disability insurance.


Tips for a successful business:

  • Cash in hand is very important for any business and after making the initial investment, you have to make sure that you a decent cash flow to meet your daily activities.
  • Withholding taxes are very important to pay back to the state and federal including sales and use tax and employee withholding taxes to avoid complications.
  • Generally, a business is considered a two year of the cycle. First year, you learn and the Second year you earn.
  • Maintaining books and records, and accounting is every important for any business to analyze the progress of the business.
  • Online visibility of your business is very important to reach and share your business profile to the maximum people in a short period of time. Potential customers can check prices, credibility of your business, send inquiry or place order online. Online Set up of your business will reduce a lot of operating expenses.
  • Prepare your weekly, monthly and yearly forecast to meet or control your basic expenses.
  • Manage your accounts receivables and payables to control your cash flow.
  • Send newsletters to your existing customers for your new services.

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