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Open A Company For Event Planner

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Posted On : Wed Sep 28th,2016

Open Company For Event Planner Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why!

An ultimate guide to set up a successful company for event and wedding planner


Who is an event Planner?

Whether it is an educational conference, wedding, meeting, or a business convention; events bring people from the same and opposite field for a common purpose. Events planners ensure that the purpose of gathering was seamless. The job nature of the planner is to estimate attendance, interior, and understanding the meeting purpose. During the wedding, meeting, or such type of events, they handle logistics, installment of audio video equipment.


Event planners also locate meeting sites as per the customers’ demand and the place can vary according to the situation and the nature of the event. Once the location is decided, event planners maintain the necessary services under negotiated contracts.

Successful event planners maintain the following skills:

  • Budget management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Staff management
  • Calm and responsible under pressure
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Public relation and marketing
  • Good Team Player
  • Should be leader not boss


If you've got the passion for organizing and planning, then why not think about to open a company for an event and wedding planning? This kind of business is extremely challenging yet fulfilling since you get to meet the requirements of individuals from all walks of life, from the personal to the corporate world.


The gamut operates from special events like weddings to community events like concerts and festivals, to providing event management services to large firms. However, to begin this sort of business, you initially need to understand and absorb a lot of business info to keep your venture going.

There are some vital components and knowledge you need to grasp regarding an event and wedding planning designing business, which incorporates the research and analysis, the design, the proposal, the organization, the coordination, and the evaluation. In any future events, the most efficient way to begin any start a company wedding planner is to do some viable research. Do your homework.


Here are the key factors to set up company for event and wedding planner:

  • Plan for a business
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Needs
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Legal Needs
  • Make a budget
  • Select the name of your business
  • Staffing
  • Startup Funding
  • Reserve a Domain Name
  • Create a Dynamic Website
  • Trademark business name to brand your company


Planning is the most important thing to start a business. Without planning you do not know the way your business is going and you cannot achieve your set goals. Planning is a good tool to measure your business progress. Have you ever thought why does a business fail? According to the research, most of the time business fails due to poor planning.


Market analysis:

Market analysis is like brain storming of your business, it means either you know the capacity of the market or large enough to offer you sustainable profit.


Marketing Needs:

Marketing is a vital part to setup new company for wedding and event planning. Set your budget to meet marketing expenses.


Competitor’s analysis:

A competitive analysis is a crucial part set up company for wedding planner.  The deep analysis of the market will enable you to understand the demand and expectations of the market.


Consider following points to analyze the competitors:

  • Your competitors
  • The products and services they are offering
  • The market share of the each competitor
  • Their past and present strategies
  • How much they are successful
  • Strength and weakness

Name of your Business

Name is your brand, you can register it as your own name but if you think there is another better business name in your mind then you will require registering your business.


Legal needs to start a company for wedding & event planner


As like most other businesses,

  • You need to register your new company for event planner in your state and get the relevant licenses. 
  • If you are planning to employ anyone, get workers’ compensation insurance; that is must.
  • General liability insurance is also important



Budget plays the pivotal role in setting up a new company for wedding planner. After following the above steps, you need to know the estimate of the cost of doing business. Some of the expenses will be for only one time for instance Rent Deposit, and business registration fee while a few will be on regularly basis like salaries, and office rent.


Consider a Basic budget

Basic budget involves your day to day expenses. How much you need to run your business?


Select a Location

Location decides either it is appealing for business or not. Either it is business friendly or not. You also need to check the state laws to open company for event planner.



Keep your event wedding and event planning business lean in the early stages? Try to do basic task of your business yourself as it will minimize your budget until you are in a good position.


Startup Funding

You should be ready to meet the initial funding for at least three months including, salaries, rent, and utilities. It will be a far good idea if you have the saving for your first event as well.

License and Permits may require to start Event Venue or Event Planner business in the USA


  1. Business name registration in USA as a Sole Proprietor, Corporation or an LL. It is required, if using a business name to advertise your business.
  2. Employer Identification is also required to open a bank account and filing taxes in most cases. Sole proprietorship is not required to have an EIN, unless hiring employees .
  3. A sales tax license is required in most states to provide event planning service.
  4. Business license may be required in most states if starting an event venue business.


A Non US Resident Registering a Company in the USA

  • A Non US resident can open a company in USA without a Social Security Number.
  • A Non US resident can create an entity as a Manager managed if the owner is not physically present in the USA. The owner can appoint a Manager in the USA to handle financial matters including banking.
  • Internal Revenue Service issues ITIN to file business taxes.
  • The company must be registered in the state, you are conducting business.
  • A Non US resident files taxes as a Non US Resident.

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