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Obtain Tobacco License in Montana

We will describe the regulations to obtain a tobacco license in the state of Montana.
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Category : > Retail cigarette & Tobacco License
Posted On : Thu Jan 24th,2019

We will describe the regulations to obtain a tobacco license in the state of Montana.

How to obtain tobacco retail license in the State of Montana

Tobacco business in the different states of US is carefully monitored and administered and it is mandatory to obtain a license when selling, importing or manufacturing tobacco products. In order to sale any tobacco products in the State of Montana, it is mandatory to obtain a license of selling tobacco products.

Who is a Tobacco retailer:

A tobacco retailer is a person who sells of offer to sale, any tobacco, tobacco products for a consideration, directly to the consumers from a specified retail location.

In the State of Montana, a person who has less than 10 vending machine at his retail outlet is a Retailer.

What are the tobacco products:

Tobacco products include cigarettes, cigars, snuff, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and other vapor products.


Who is eligible to get a retailer license:

Any one person who sells tobacco products directly to consumers and have cigarettes vending machines in possession is eligible to apply for a Retailers license in the State of Montana.

If you are a retailer and selling other nicotine or vapor products, you must have the alternative nicotine retail license other than a tobacco retail license to sell these products.

How to apply for the license:

  • Create your epass montana account using the estop business online service on Sate website.

  • If you do not have an e account already for business license, click on the license a new estop business on the State website. You are required to provide the information about your business, location and certain other supporting documents for license issuance.

  • For viewing your licenses, you can access your estop account by entering an email address, password or business number.


What is the fee for retail license:

An annual fee of $ 5 is applicable for license application as per the following categories:

  • Retailer of Tobacco

  • Retailer of less than 10 vending machines

  • Retailer of nicotine or other vapor products.

Same amount is chargeable for renewal of license annually.


What if I don’t apply for a license in the State:

Failure to obtain a license in the State is subjected to a civil penalty amounting to $ 100.

Can a Retailer’s license be suspended:

If a retailer sells tobacco or other nicotine products to a minor (a person less than 18 years of age), his retail license may be suspended for three months or if he continues to do so, he may be subjected to a three year license suspension along with three years’ imprisonment.

Do you need different license for different locations and different tobacco products:

It is mandatory to apply for different license for different retail locations where you operate. However, a single application for license issuance can be submitted for different locations.

There is a state requirement that if you deal in a variety of tobacco products, you need to obtain a separate license for other products such as Nicotine or vapor products.

What are the Taxation requirements in the State of Montana:

  • There is a standard rate on all tobacco products in the State of Montana except cigarettes and moist snuff. The tax rate is 50% of the wholesale price. Tax is collected from wholesalers and distributors of the tobacco products on a monthly basis.

  • Tax rate on cigarettes is $ 1.7 for a pack of 20 cigarettes or $ 0.85 per cigarette. It is collected from wholesalers on 15th of every month.

  • The tax rate on moist snuff is $ 0.85 per ounce. It is collected from wholesalers and distributors on 15th of every month.

Fines and Penalties for the violation of Tax rules:

Various fines and penalties are imposed by the department of revenue on the following:

  • A person who sale tobacco, nicotine or vapor products at a retail store or by vending machine without a license.

  • A person who sale or distributes tobacco products that is not listed in the Tobacco product diary.

  • A person who fails to pay the tobacco tax or report to the relevant authorities.

  • A person who possesses any tobacco products without a tax stamp.


Filing of tax return in the State of Montana:

  • Every wholesaler of cigarettes who is licensed to sell in the state is required to report cigarette sales and order decal either online or using Trans-Action Portal or on Form CT-201 from the Department of revenue site on the 15th of every month.

  • Every person selling tobacco products in the state other than cigarettes is required to report sales using Trans-Action Portal or on Form TP-101 from the Department of revenue site on the 15th of every month.

  • You can use these reports to pay your tobacco taxes and report your sales.

  • 1.5% allowance is given by the State if you submit your tax return and payment details on time.

  • Late filing and late payment of fee for the return are subject to a penalty prescribed by the Department of Revenue, State of Montana.




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