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Obtain Sale and Use Tax Permit in Nevada

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Category : > Article Directory of Sales Tax Registration
Posted On : Sun Nov 27th,2016

Comprehensive guide to obtain Sale and Use Tax Permit in Nevada

What is Nevada Sale Tax?

In Nevada sale and use tax legislation was initially enacted in 1955. In Nevada sales tax mean tax imposed on the sale, transfer, barter, licensing, lease, rental, use or other consumption of tangible personal property. Tangible personal property means any property that can be touched, felt and moved other than immovable property like land, building, roads, etc. All routine items which are traded in the market come under the definition of tangible personal property such as foods, furniture, cloth, household goods, etc.

Who is responsible for payment, collection / deduction and remittance of sale tax in Nevada?

In Nevada every consumer has paid sales tax on purchases of tangible personal property to the seller. And every retailer has to collect / deduct sales tax on all sales other than exempt supply. And pay the same to Nevada State within the notified time along with the sales tax return in prescribed form.

Sales tax, an expense for consumer, not for seller

Retailer acts as a withholding agent of the Nevada state by registering their retail business with the Nevada Department of taxation. They collect from consumer along with the price of goods and then directly pay the same collected amount to Nevada State along with the sales tax return.

What types of business are liable to register for sale tax with Nevada Department of taxation?

Nearly all businesses either company, corporation, partnership or sole ownership involved in the retail sale of tangible personal property transferred for value is liable to register with the Nevada Department of taxation for sale tax permit.

  • Most goods, wares and merchandise are taxable in Nevada.
  • Services necessary to complete the sale of tangible personal property are taxable.
  • All tangible personal property leased or rented.
  • Sales Tax applies in the retail sales of beer, wine, and liquor to the entire amount charged for the product, including the amount of all other state and federal taxes imposed on the product.
  • Software, electronic magazines, clip art, program code, or other downloaded material taxable.
  • Vehicles, aircraft, and off highway vehicles purchased in another state subject to Nevada Sales if they are purchased for use or storage in Nevada.
  • (Services are not subject to sale and use tax in Nevada State)
  • Offline: Download registration form from the official website of NDOT or get from its office, fill it completely, pay the prescribed fee and submit to the compliance department of NDOT. You will receive your sale tax permit within 1-2 weeks.
  • Online: Visit the official website of Nevada Department of Taxation and follow the simple steps. You will receive your permit 3-5 working days after finishing the online registration process.

State Filing Fee

State filing fee is minimum $15.00 and the fee is calculated on gross sales. A state may also ask you to deposit a bond, if the sales is exceeded to the cap.

Do you need a separate sale tax permit for different locations in Nevada?

No, one sale tax permit is enough for one business operated at many locations in Nevada. But you have to pay the registration fee by multiplying with a number of locations.

Do I have to renew sale tax permit?

No, In Nevada you don’t have any need to renew your sale tax permit.

How to file sale tax return?

In Nevada a sales tax return can be filed electronically via online or physically in paper form. Visit the official website for online filling and download the paper format.

When to file sale tax return?

Normally every sale tax registered person has to file on monthly basis and some may file quarterly with the approval of the Nevada Department of Taxation.

How to amend a sale tax return?

If you found any error or mistake in your filled sale tax return, then you can amend the filled sale tax return. But amended sales tax return cannot be filled online you have to provide copies of original sales tax return with the amended sales tax return to the Nevada Department of Taxation. Also write “AMENDED” in blank ink at the top right side of the return.

What is Nevada Use Tax?

We may call use tax a counterpart of sales tax. Use tax is imposed on use of tangible personal property in Nevada on which sales tax has not been paid. Any individual, business, corporation, or other entity can be liable for Use Tax when Sales Tax was not collected by the seller. This happens when purchasing tangible personal property from an out-of-state vendor, via the internet, mail order, or toll-free numbers. Any purchase inventory for resale is not subject to Use Tax.

Who is responsible for payment, collection / deduction and remittance of use tax in Nevada?

In Nevada every individual, business, corporation, or other entity has to pay use tax on all purchases of tangible personal property made from outside the Nevada State for their consumption and, other than resale purpose if sales tax not paid on such purchases along with the consumer use tax return in prescribed form to the Nevada State.

What is reseller certificate and its use?

In Nevada when someone asks for consumable goods for further resale and in general that goods are for final consumption by the consumer then he must be asked for reseller certificate. Nevada Department of Taxation issue reseller certificate to such purchaser.


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