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New York State-Sales tax exempt organizations

Who needs to apply for New York State sales tax exempt status? Source of this information is New York Department of Taxation and Finance.
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Posted On : Sat Jun 19th,2010

Who needs to apply for New York State sales tax exempt status? Source of this information is New York Department of Taxation and Finance.

Organizations that must apply:


  • Not-for-profit religious, charitable, educational, or other organizations (often called section 501(c)(3)) organizations)
  • United Nations and other international organizations
  • United States armed forces posts and organizations

Organizations that don't need to apply:

  • New York State and United States governmental entities (because they are already exempt)
  • Other states and political subdivisions (because they don't qualify)
  • Organizations that are organized and/or operated under some other New York State or federal statute that exempts them from state and/or local sales taxes

If you're granted sales tax exempt status

NYS issues Form ST-119, Exempt Organization Certificate, to you. It will contain your six-digit New York State sales tax exemption number. (Note that the nine-digit federal employer identification number issued by the Internal Revenue Service is not a sales tax exemption number.) You'll also receive Form ST-119.1, Exempt Purchase Certificate.

To make tax exempt purchases:

  • Complete Form ST-119.1 (This form is mailed with your exemption certificate, and is not available on our Web site. To get additional copies of this form, contact our sales tax exempt organizations unit.)
  • Present the completed form to the store at the time of purchase. All purchases made by an exempt organization are exempt from sales tax.
  • New York State and United States governmental entities that are already exempt should make exempt purchases by presenting governmental purchase orders or a letterhead.

Acceptable exempt certificate use

You may only use your exempt organization certificate to make exempt purchases on behalf of the approved organization.

  • An officer, member, or representative of the organization may not use the certificate to make personal purchases.
  • Only the organization that was issued the certificate may use it.
  • The exempt organization must be the purchaser and payer of record.
  • Misuse of your exempt organization certificate is punishable by imprisonment and a fine of up to $20,000.


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Comments (2)
rose harrington   wrote on : Wed Oct 28th,2015
how do I check an exempt organizations i.d. # to make sure it is valid      View Detail
Reply :
What is an Exempt Organization | Where To Register It | Search An Exempt Organization?

Definition of an Exempt Organization:

An exempt organization is an entity which starts to service the society and religious affairs; such as religious, charitable, literary, artistic, scientific, education and worship purpose.

The Board of directors is appointed to administer the non profit business affairs to stop the manipulation of funds and the domination of power.

A nonprofit organization does not have the shareholders and members like corporations or limited liability companies whose primary goal is to earn profit, whereas a non profit organization's primary mission is service to the community without any distinction.

There are many types of nonprofit organizations, but the most common type is 501 (C) 3. It contains several great features such as exempt from a federal income tax and federal unemployment tax.

Where to register an Exempt Organization?

A charter is prepared by the board of directors of a nonprofit organization which is submitted to the secretary of state, county clerk's office of the DOE (Department of Education) which depends on that type of a nonprofit organization.

A charter of a non profit includes its mission, the name of the responsible persons, duties, obligations, principal place of business, payroll expense, description of a nonprofit and how the contributions and distributions will be managed.

Thereafter, it is registered with the Internal Revenue Service to get the tax exempt status.

Does a non profit organization has a filing receipt?

Not always, the only organization that is registered with the secretary of state has a filing receipt to open a bank account, otherwise a charter is provided to a bank to open a bank account.

For Example; Nonprofit schools are generally registered with the department of education not with the secretary of state and DOE issues an approved charter instead of a filing receipt which is provided to a bank to open an account.

How to verify, if the nonprofit organization has an exempt status?

It is a two step process. Initially, it registers with the state such as with a county clerk's office, department of education or secretary of state. Secondly, it files with the Internal Revenue Service to obtain tax exempt status.

The Internal Revenue Service has listed the approved exempt organization list on IRS. Gov. An entity will not be an exempt organization until the ITS approves it.

CLEMENCIA OGREN   wrote on : Tue Nov 03rd,2015
Valuable ideas - BTW , people need a 2004 NY DTF ST-119.1 , my husband filled a blank form here tax exempt form ny.      View Detail
Reply :
Clemencia Ogren,

Your question is not clear. Can you please either call us at 516.822.3100 or send additional information to guide you accordingly.

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