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Move a business entity in Florida from another state or country

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Posted On : Wed Apr 18th,2018

Article of domestication is filed to move a foreign country's entity in the state of Florida whereas Articles of Conversion files to move an out of state entity in the state of Florida

How to move company into Florida from another state?

An entity is moved to Florida to intact original date when the company was first formed.

For Example:

A Limited Liability Company Texas moves to Florida: In this case, the original date of the Texas LLC moves Florida to carry the history of Texas LLC in Florida.

Both states consent is necessary to transfer company from one state to another. Articles of conversion are filed with the Florida Secretary of State to domesticate corporation or an LLC in Florida.

An article of conversion is executed by the FL Secretary of state to move a company from another state to Florida whereas an article on domestication is filed to migrate a company in Florida from a foreign country.

All officers, members, directors and responsible parties sign the articles of conversion or domestication to move company into Florida.

Articles of Conversion-In is filed in the state of Florida whereas Articles of Conversion-Out files in a foreign state. Articles of conversion-Out is an alternative of a dissolution and dissolution does not file while filing a company domiciling in Florida, Conversion Out serves the similar purpose.

What is the significance to execute a domestication or conversion in the state of Florida of an existing company which is registered in another state or country?

The newly domesticated or converted corporation in the state of Florida shall not be deemed responsible for any prior liabilities of the original state or country.

A conversion or domestication carries the original date of the corporation where it was first filed.

A unique employer identification number does not change and the same EIN is used for the newly converted corporation in the state of Florida.

Florida division of corporations is generally filed a domestication or conversion which is registered in a foreign country or state in two weeks.

Florida Division of Corporation state filing fee is $150.00 to file a domestication or conversion of an existing entity and it does not ask certificate of good standing and certified copy of the foreign state or country's business entity.

There is no restriction to use the same business name and a different business name can be used upon filing a conversion or domestication in the state of Florida.

Does an existing business entity automatically dissolved upon filing conversion or domestication in the state of Florida?

No, the company does not automatically dissolved in the state of Florida unless file a dissolution with the government body. It is required to dissolve a company after filing conversion in the state of Florida.

How to maintain a domiciled company in Florida?

A domiciled or a converted entity in the state of Florida is treated a domestic entity. Every corporation and limited liability company files an annual report in the state of Florida on or before May, 1st of each year. The state of Florida turns non annual report filing business entities to admin dissolution then revoked permanently.



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