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Minimum Wage Information For District of Columbia

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Posted On : Thu Oct 26th,2017

Follow the following schedule to maintain pay criteria for your employees in the District of Columbia

Minimum Wage Poster:

Please note that as of July 1, 2017, the minimum wage in D.C. has increased to $12.50 an hour. The minimum wage for tipped employees is $3.33 per hour. All employers in the District of Columbia are required to meet these minimum wage requirements. In addition, employers must place the attached Minimum Wage Poster in an area that is visible for employees.  

The minimum wage poster can be found at –


Tip Portal Reporting Requirement:

D.C. employers with tipped employees are required to submit quarterly tipped reports to the Office of Wage Hour through the Tip Portal. The deadline to submit this report is one month following the end of each quarter. The information that employers will need to detail in this report are as follows:

·         Basic company information including point of contact

·         Gross Pay information for all tipped employees

·         Employee paid hourly rate and hours

·         Total amount of gratuities each employee received

Additional details about the required information to be submitted can be found in the attached 2017

Quarterly Report Instructions.

The website to submit this information is

Building Services Act:

Office buildings are now required to adhere to a  new law called the Building Services Act. This law mandates that all building maintenance staff – or other staff responsible for the upkeep of an office building, commonly owned office park, or a commonly owned and managed group of buildings, with over 350,000 square feet of net rentable commercial office space – must be scheduled to work a minimum of a 30-hour work week. In addition, this information must be posted using the attached Building Services Act Posting in a visible area.

This poster can also be found at



ASSLA  Poster:  

All employers in the District of Columbia must provide employees with sick leave days. As part of the posting requirements under the accrued sick and safe leave act, employers must post the OWH ASSLA Poster in an area in the business that is visible to employees. For tipped employees of restaurants or bars, regardless of the number of employees the employer has, each tipped employee must accrue at least one (1) hour per 43 hours worked, up to five (5) days per calendar year and be paid at the full District of Columbia’s Minimum Wage. Under the requirements for non-tipped employees:

If an employer has 100 or more employees, employees accrue 1 hour per 37 hours worked or up to 7 days per calendar year.

If an employer has 25-99 employees, employees accrue 1 hour per 43 hours worked or up to 5 days per calendar year.

If an employee has less than 25 employees, employees accrue 1 hour per 87 hours worked or up to 3 days per calendar year.

The poster can be found at


Living Wage Poster:

Please note the current living wage is $13.95 per hour. Employers are required to post the attached OWH Living Wage 2017 Poster in their businesses.

The poster can be found at —


Wage Theft Notice

The wage theft prevention amendment act develops the procedures through which employers are required to handle employee onboarding and ensures that employees are paid all wages earned. The notice provides information about the requirements around wage payment and explains the process of filing complaints in the event that employers do not comply. Employers are required to post the attached Notice of Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act notice in an area that is visible to employees.

The Notice can be found at


Updated Notice of Hire Template:

ALL D.C. employers are required to provide a notice of hire document to employees at the start of employment. This document should inform the employee of their start date, frequency of pay, pay date, pay rate, tipped information for tipped employees, and company information. This document must be signed as acknowledgement by the employee that they received it. The notice of hire template is attached.

The Notice of Hire template can be found at



Updated Copies of Laws

§  32-13 Wage Payment:

§  32-10 Minimum Wage:

§  32-100 Accrued Sick and Safe Leave:

§  2-220 Living Wage:

§  Sustainable DC Omnibus (Commuter Benefits):



Office of Wage Hour

DC Department of Employment Services

4058 Minnesota Ave, N.E.

Washington, D.C. 20019

Office: 202-671-1880


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