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How to start watches and Accessories Business

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Posted On : Thu Oct 13th,2016

A Simple Guide to register watches and Accessories Company

Entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure but only when you turn your ideas into reality. Facing challenges, overcome risks, and actively managing the tough tasks are the few ventures you face in starting a new business. opening a company has never been easy until you infuse prerequisite ideas and navigate the startup process professionally. No matter what sort of business you are going to start, you need effective strategies and a better business structure to register your company.

You can be the top proprietor after reading these tips to start watches and accessories business.


The very first point you need to understand before getting into the business is to focus the audience you want to target for instance; you can open your watches and accessories business under the following categories:

  • Wholesale Fashion Watches
  • Watch Distributors
  • luxury watch wholesaler

You can add watches accessories for the following categories:

  • Youngsters
  • Men wrist watches
  • Women wrist watches
  • Company Employees
  • Businessmen
  • Sportsmen
  • Students
  • Rich Class

To come up with the trends, you need to analyze the current economy and the market to ensure that your target customers have enough money to afford even expensive and fancy wrist watches. Following things play a Vitol role before opening a business in any state:

  • Check either the location is commercial or domestic
  • Categorize your business as per the location (you cannot offer expensive watches where most of the people prefer to buying the watches with average cost).

Try affordable watches

Most of the time people want watches lower in cost and better in performance. Bring more creativity within a common man budget so you may increase your sale. Remember to place watches look attractive, durable, and fancy.


Locate market for your products

Once you evaluate the market economic stability the next step is to locate value market to mobilize your watches and accessories items. You can start your watches business from one of the following categories:


Start a wrist watch shop for men and women

You can meet the demand of your customers by offering the variety of wrist watches for men and women. Both genders prefer wearing a variety of stylish and fancy wrist watches at special events. You can be the hub of customers if you introduce new selections and designs at multiple parties and events.


Do not limit your customer

Customers tend to watches and accessory shop where they find variety. Remember, do not limit their choice but offer them enough that they can select a maximum number of stylish watches.


Focus your Customers

All businesses success depends on the interaction between the consumer and the company. Try to focus on the needs and complaints of the customer for a better business review rate in future. Here are few top points to bring the business on the top of the list:

  • Answer their queries promptly
  • Let your customers share their experience on your website (feedback- comment)
  • Offer them an option to complain you


Introduce latest watches variety

Don’t limit your business to a single brand or style. Cover the maximum areas as you can.

  • Sell watches for every age and taste
  • Display top watches brands
  • Set reasonable price


Partner up with a reliable distributor

Finding a reliable distributor is one of the initial steps to start watches business. you need to look two things in a distributor:

  • Price- you are getting enough margin to earn profit or not
  • Feedback- does the distributor/wholesaler have a positive reputation.


Make your watches and Accessories Business Legal

If planning of a business is your first step in the market, then registering your watches and accessories business is the second most important point.

  • You need to get the proper business license and permits
  • Depending upon the business nature, there are county, city, and state regulations for permits to deal with

Basic Types of business structures include:

  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship | Doing Business As | Assumed Name | Trade Name
  • Limited and General Partnerships


Who issues business permits and licenses?

Business permits and licenses are issued by local, state, and federal governments.

Business Licenses

There are various types of business licenses and you need one to run the business legally for instance; if you are opening a watches and accessories business in California, you need to obtain the licenses and permits from the concerned state. 


Sales Tax Number and Licenses

In most states, You need a sales tax license number if your business comes under retail purchase or sale. A sales tax number is necessary for each new business before opening.


How to Brand a Watches Company?

  • Trademark a logo or the name you are using to advertise your business.
  • Customer trusted seal shows your credibility and the reputation in the business.
  • Develop an eCommerce site to sell or display your watches online to boost your sales.
  • Advertising or Marketing-Creating a Pay Per Click Campaign is the best way to advertise or market your watches in a short period of time. It is a cost effective way to market your products globally.
  • Affiliate and Reseller programs can share your advertising and marketing cost to the others and increase your sales significantly.
  • Highly Recommended site to make your business a brand is



The Author of this article is a M.Phil in English Literature

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