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How to start Solar Energy Business

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Posted On : Mon Oct 17th,2016

The Ultimate Guide to start solar energy business

What is solar energy?

The energy provided by the sun is called solar energy. Solar radiation converts the energy into solar electricity.


What are the advantages of solar energy Business?

  • It helps to save electricity bills
  • Increases home value
  • It is a secure investment
  • It is environment-friendly

Why start a solar energy Business?

Solar energy is considered the alternate of all available energy sources and in coming years, the energy requirements of the world will be filled with solar energy.


How many types of solar energy business are there?

Solar business includes:

  • Selling Solar products
  • Distribution investment
  • Financing solar projects
  • Solar maintenance


What is a solar installation business?

Solar installation business offers its services to install the complete solar system.


What are the solar components?

Solar energy business is not all about the solar panels but the other components are:

  • AC & DC wires
  • Inverters
  • Breakers and relays
  • Batteries
  • Transformers
  • Charge controllers


How to start solar energy business?

Initially, solar energy demands a heavy investment but it offers a range of benefits to households, utility companies and provides 100% natural energy source. You need to register your new solar energy business with relevant license and permits.

What are the key elements to operate a solar energy business?

You need to focus on proper business plan with the following points to compete the solar industry:

  • A complete business model
  • What can be your geographic advantages?
  • What kind of customers will you target?
  • What are your plans to raise your cash flow?


What are the legal requirements to open a new solar energy company in the USA?

You need to register your company in the state where you want to open your company. You will apply for an EIN and insurance.


What is a solar Contractor License?

You may need to apply for solar contractor license for solar energy installation. It is a license that allows to install solar energy panels.


What business structures you can avail to open a solar energy business?

You can operate under:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership and Limited Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Sole proprietorship


How the sale of solar energy business can be stable?

If you market your services to households, solar energy companies, or an electrical infrastructure, you can ensure the stability of your sale.

From where I can seek to fund for new solar energy business?

You can seek funding from the private sector and government as you are providing environment-friendly energy solution.


From where I can seek additional resources to finance solar energy business?

You can raise additional financing through venture capitalists and other business titans who are impressed and want to invest in your business.

How can I increase my solar energy business market share?

On-site installation services can diversify your income and increase your market share. It can help you in establishing a name as solar energy industry leader.

What are the possible challenges to start a solar energy business?

Though solar energy panels provide reliable and cost-effective energy solutions but you may face these challenges:

  • Insufficient cash flow
  • Poor marketing
  • Out-dated energy panels
  • Adequate installation training

Is Professional Certification Needed to open a new Solar Energy Business?

You may need to get the certification from the following list:

  • Renewable Energy Applications Certificate
  • SEI Solar Professionals Certificate
  • Residential and Commercial Photovoltaic Systems Certificate
  • Solar Business and Technical Sales Certificate
  • Battery-Based Photovoltaic Systems Certificate

What can be the best methods for marketing new solar energy business?

Opening an online solar energy company in the USA can bring you your potential customers

  • Running PPC campaigns as it helps to maximize your brand experience
  • Getting an affiliate program increases your sales and brings relevant traffic to your website

Why Trusted Seal-consumer report is necessary for a successful solar energy business?

Trusted seal consumer report provides a space for customers to share their experience and review. In this way, you are able to stay in touch with your clients to build your trust in the solar energy industry.


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