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How to Start a Temple in the USA

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Category : > Non Profit Religious and Non Religious Organization
Posted On : Sun Oct 23rd,2016

An ultimate guide to register a Temple in the USA

What is a temple?

The temple is a place to use for prayer for religious, spiritual, and social activities include;

  • Hinduism Temple
  • Buddhism Temple
  • Jewishism Temple

Who can start temple?

Individuals, group or society in the USA or the non-resident US can start any type of temple in most states of US as per to their belief and religion. They have to just follow the state laws and regulations.

Steps to start a temple

Gather minimum sponsor members to register temple in the USA

  • Do research to select the name of temple
  • Draft the scope of activates to be performed by the temple
  • Prepare a statement of belief to start a temple
  • Decide the legal structure of temple
  • Apply for incorporation as a religious nonprofit entity
  • Prepare bylaws, policies and procedures for the operations of temple
  • Apply to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for Tax identification number(TIN)/ employer identification number (EIN)
  • Open a banking account
  • Develop a website for the promotion of temple.

How many sponsor members are required to register a temple in the USA?

This varies from state to state, in many states one or more sponsor members are sufficient to register a temple. Some states required at least three and some requires at least six sponsor members.

How to select a name for a temple?

Name plays a vital role in the promotion of a temple. So be careful while choosing a name for a temple. Do research, group discussion and legal opinion. It registers with the County, Secretary of state or the Division of Corporations. An existing name cannot be registered, the name availability must be checked with the state before filing the articles of the nonprofit.


How to draft the scope of activities of a temple?

Special care should be followed in drafting the scope of activities of a temple. Be specific and realistic in your draft. Your draft must cover all aspect of activities to be performed by the temple. Or you may hire a consultant to draft the scope of activities of a temple.


What is meant by a statement of belief for a temple?

In statement of belief you have to answer, why are you starting a temple? What core beliefs will govern your ministry? What distinguishes your temple in terms of doctrine and creed?


What is the appropriate legal structure for a temple?

Mostly the religious nonprofit entities have corporation status in the US. You may select any other kind of legal structure as per the relaxation of the state in which you are interested to register a temple.


How to incorporate a temple as a religious nonprofit entity?

Most states are required to file for incorporation as a nonprofit religious corporation with the state secretary or county to obtain a certificate of incorporation or certification of the formation. You may opt to engage a CPA or lawyer in incorporating the temple as a nonprofit entity.

What should be included in byelaws of a temple?

Bye-laws are the detailed contents. Its include details about financial activities, operating activities, rules and regulation, policies, and procedure for specific conditions to be followed by the temple.


What is the procedure to get employer identification number (EIN) for a temple?

You must have to obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN) whether you have employees or not, which is mandatory to avail tax exempt status and opening and bank account.

How to obtain exempt status for a temple?

After registering temple and obtaining the EIN, you are required to apply for tax-exempt status, you just have to file form IRS1023 under section 501(c) (3), which is for nonprofit charitable organizations. Your nonprofit organization will be considered a profit corporation until you apply for the tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Donors cannot claim deduction on their tax returns without IRS tax exemption approval.
It is a time consuming and complex procedure and highly recommend you to start the exemption status soon after filing with the state.


What is the procedure to open a bank account for a temple?

Banking rules and regulations can be quite different from bank to bank, so account opening requirements may vary depending on which bank you are opening bank account. Bank may ask you to provide EIN, Board resolution, the list of signatories, certificate of formation and bylaws.

How to promote a temple with a website?

The website is a power tool to market your product or service across the word. We can’t overlook the reliability of website to promote, build a strong network, share thoughts and funds raising system, so a powerful website should be maintained.

  • You can display your programs online
  • You can receive donation online



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